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Accessories for herbal teas

Accessories for herbal teas

Herbal tea and how to do it

The herbal tea is a drink that we use today to relax or to have other benefits that are given by the herbs we infuse, but in the past it represented a medicine or medicinal cure. In the Middle Ages, herbal tea was considered, in some ways, a potion that could have magical powers.

It is then confused with the decoction and that is why we often find the question what is the herbal tea and how is it made?

In general, the herbal tea is "created" with the infusion method, in the sense that the water is heated where the herbs are then immersed and they begin to release their chemical and natural elements. However, there are users who instead go to "cook" these herbs in water. Basically they put the water in a saucepan, then pour the herbs into it and continue to cook over a high flame. This method becomes absolutely disastrous because the nutrients that exist and the properties of the product poured into the water are ruined.

So if you wonder what herbal tea is and how to do it, then you only have to think about an infusion procedure.

Typical herbal tea accessories

Let's go through the typical herbal tea accessories that you must have if you are a lover of good herbs that today are available directly in herbalist shops and on websites. Among the typical accessories for herbal tea we find the saucepan or kettle, which allows you to heat the water to bring it to a boil quickly.

Then there are the infusion filters. As previously mentioned, it is important that there is an infusion mechanism because otherwise there is no herbal tea, but a product that is only boiled or boiled. Infusion filters come in different shapes such as:

- Strainer

- Egg infuser

- Table spoon

- By immersion with different shapes

In the current market we find many varieties of these accessories, but it is true that the "classic" remains the best. In fact, we note that colander or egg infusers, which have been used since the early 1800s, remain the best because they are able to release the beneficial properties of herbs by being able to immerse themselves completely in boiling water.

Set of accessories for herbal tea

A good health is best tasted when you have cups that are elegant, refined and that can give a pleasant sensation. In the end, even the eyes want their part and therefore it is normal that we should also be passionate about the Accessory Sets for herbal tea.

The Sets of Accessories for herbal teas can be complete and therefore have a tray, cups complete with handles (so as not to burn yourself of course) and a matching teapot. There are modern types, with very playful shapes or with essential, minimal styles.

In the market there are also the sets of only cups, perhaps in pairs, or of a teapot with a single cup. Indeed they become an excellent gift idea at Christmas or for the birthday of a person you know who loves this type of drink.

The cup then becomes something personal, almost as if it made the product you are drinking better.

Accessories for "extra" herbal tea

Among the many curiosities that are on the market, we even find the Accessories for “extra” herbal tea, what are they? For example, the teacup and warmer are accessories that are highly appreciated because they even have the functionality of keeping the water hot or returning to heat it when you want to have another herbal tea.

Other accessories for “extra” herbal teas are the utensils to re-propose the Japanese tea ceremony, with the presence of bamboo whips and matcha bowls. Unmissable, for lovers of herbal teas, the saucers rests the infusion filters.

So there is a wide choice, it's up to you to decide what to buy.

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