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Natural pain relievers

Painkillers are undoubtedly the most used drugs, because when the pain becomes unbearable, everything is done to make it go away. Pain such as back pain can lead to exasperation, so more and more people are looking for a natural pain reliever to replace the pharmaceutical pain reliever and thus avoid the annoying side effects. Natural painkillers are medicinal herbs or foods that contain a high amount of painkilling principles. Obviously natural products act in a longer time than drugs and are used for low / medium pain, but they are still very effective.

There are many natural pain relievers that can help relieve pain without necessarily taking a medicine. The most common pains for which natural cures are used are:

headache, cluster migraines and headaches, sore throat;

menstrual pain, cystitis and heartburn;

back pain, joint pain, rheumatism and osteoarthritis; toothache, gingivitis and earache;

muscle, cervical pain;

soft tissue inflammation.

In addition, natural painkillers, compared to traditional drugs, cause a limited number of side effects, being much lighter and less invasive.

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Arnica ointmentDescription of the arnica plantMountain flowers, those that later grow spontaneously, have many properties and benefits. Arnica is one of the simplest plants, the most common flowers commonly found in the mountains. description of the arnica plant we must be careful not to confuse it ..
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Devil's claw gelDescription of the devil's claw plantIt is certainly not easy to recognize the different types of plants, so we want to talk about the description of the devil's claw plant.Small herbaceous plant that arises spontaneously in Africa, but in recent years it has been noticed with sponta..
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Devil's claw powderThe captivating name, and on one hand also very "esoteric", is the one attributed to the climbing plant called "the devil's claw". Plant that grows spontaneously in Africa, it prefers warm environments with good humidity.Its "fruits", which gave it its name, are often used as natu..
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Devil's claw root herbal tea cutBenefits and properties:The devil's claw is indicated for back, shoulder and neck painDevil's claw as a medicinal herb became popular for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.The herb is particularly used to treat neck, shoulder and back pain.In a study conduct..
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Devil's claw tabletsDescription of the plant Devil's clawYou have certainly read it about many creams useful for eliminating muscle pain or for arthritis, the devil's claw, but have you ever wondered what it is? Let's move on to the description of the Devil's Claw plant because it has been part of t..
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