Superfood seaweed
The super foods, which are also of great interest to the sports and even environmentalist world, we also find the seaweed Superfoods.
What are? How are they eaten? Where are? Superfood algae are made up of a series of algae that grow naturally in some seabed. Today they have also become cultivated, because there is a great demand in the food market.
Usually they are also offered in the form of powders because they are processed so that they can also be used in the form of drinks. When you take the seaweed Superfoods dissolved in the water, there is a rapid absorption which also allows you to immediately have all the useful minerals and nutrients.
Seaweed Superfoods are not a latest generation discovery. In fact they are one of the most ancient foods that we find also described in many sacred texts. The algae that are edible have a characteristic taste of sea salt and also of fish, but we are talking about a totally vegetable food.
To be able to "balance" the marine flavor it must be used together with lemon drops or even with apple because it manages to decrease the salinity of the algae.
In summer it is also possible to savor them with ice in order to have a tonic and thirst-quenching drink, but one that is still very pleasant.
Spirulina and chlorella superfood
The main algae that belong to superfoods are Spirulina and superfood chlorella.
We talk about algae which are green and blue in color. They are very easy to find because they are a typical part of the ocean floor, so they exist all over the planet.
Spirulina and chlorella superfoods contain a lot of chlorophyll and therefore helps to develop blood circulation and eliminate water retention problems. Also recommended to eliminate cellulite and adiposity present in the hips or buttocks.
The difference between the two is that spirulina has a very light flavor, it doesn't have a seaweed taste, while chlorella is particularly strong. Using them together can mitigate these annoying elements.
Within the superfood Spirulina and chlorella we find many micro nutrients such as minerals and iron, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D and even vitamins B. Pure chlorophyll is perhaps the most important part because you have a purifying food. Think that it is enough to eat a minimum amount of these superfoods, like 5 grams to have a dose of chlorophyll equal to 500 grams of salad and leafy vegetables.
Another feature of Spirulina and chlorella superfood is to purify heavy metals and toxins. Every day, even if they eat simple tomato pasta, our body takes on heavy metals, in minimal quantities, but which would be better to expel.
Recommended doses for seaweed superfoods
Even if we talk about superfoods, we must say that we must not binge on these foods. What are the recommended doses for seaweed superfoods?
The recommended portion is a maximum of 1 teaspoon of coffee per day which then allows you to halve the portions of food you eat during meals, because you already have all the energy you need for the day.
The intake must take place in smoothies, where you add the apple or the juice of half a lemon, but with a large amount of water. Alternatively you can combine them with fruit juices.
Please note that it is necessary to have a good amount of water in the body to be able to absorb all the nutrients that are within these foods.
When there is good hydration in the body, there is also a greater speed of absorption by the body and internal tissues.
Among the recommended doses for algae superfoods you can, even once a week, replace meals with 2 teaspoons of these algae.