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Carvi seeds of 500 grams

Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams
Carvi seeds of 500 grams

Caraway seeds

Caraway seeds is also known as “caraway”, because it grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean scrub and is part of many recipes that are traditional, rustic or regional. So it is really well known, but maybe not everyone knew that its real name was: carvi seeds.

The name also derives from its appearance which is similar to that of cumin, but has other nutrients that make it used in some recipes or decoctions. Beware that caraway seeds also have many contraindications when used excessively.

The first characteristic of caraway seeds is that of being particularly aromatic, but with a delicate scent, not excessively strong or annoying, a little sweetish.

The caraway seeds is smaller in size than classic cumin, but which allows an optimal use even for children who are starting to eat. Think its use is very ancient, it was also used in "soups" for medical purposes. It also produces a very good liqueur with great antioxidant and beneficial properties for the body.

Benefits caraway seeds

The interesting features of the caraway seeds benefits are that they already have a good dose of protein, fat, nutrients and even dietary fiber. Do not forget the mineral salts and some minerals, such as potassium, zinc, copper, sodium, iron, manganese and magnesium. This means that it is great for digestion.

The presence of vitamins allows for a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. The benefits caraway seeds are still useful for beauty care, but also for therapeutic properties.

Undoubtedly, the caraway seeds benefits are aimed precisely at a very high digestive action, where the walls and muscles of the stomach are helped and stimulated in its movement to speed up digestion.

Eliminates intestinal gas that is produced by bacteria that are present in the foods we ingest and allows us to have a good defense against bacteria that develop infections.

In short, the benefits of caraway seeds are innumerable, which is why it has always been used in cooking and medicine.

Caraway seeds herbal tea

Every herb, seed or flower finds its best use when it is "cooked" or ingested in the right way. The caraway seed tea is the optimal use that allows you to recover all its nutrients and not damage the presence of mineral salts.

The caraway seed tea can be ingested before meals or a few hours after. Before meals, it relaxes the muscles and begins to stimulate the production of gastric acids. In short, it prevents any digestive malfunction. The caraway seed tea taken after meals supports digestion by helping to move the walls and internal muscles.

This means that you actually have excellent benefits, but the caraway seed tea can also be taken in the evening to help you sleep and decrease stomach acid after dinner. This way you can sleep well and wake up really relaxed.

Caraway seeds for sale

The caraway seeds for sale can easily be confused with cumin, only an expert eye will immediately realize the difference.

In order not to run into professionals who sell you one thing for another, then contact the herbalists who are well stocked, who offer caraway seeds for sale both in bulk and in packs, but where they issue the right certification. This certainly leads to a quality product.

Caraway seeds for sale on the internet are always original because they are subjected to checks and certifications requested directly by the competent authorities. So the caraway seeds for sale online is the best choice.

Carvi seeds of 500 grams

Properties: tonic, exciting, treat colitis and nausea.

Preparation of the herbal tea:

a teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling water, let it rest for 5 minutes,

drink 1- 2 cups a day.

External use: Use the infusion as a lavender for eyes and ears.

They are widely used in liquor under the name of Kummel.

 Caraway seeds, added to all types of bread, simple cakes, croissants, leavened braids,

give them a delicate aroma.

Contents: 500 grams Kummel caraway seeds (first choice)

Sold by herbal amazonas andes international herbalist.