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Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml

Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml
Chamomile mother tincture 50 ml

Chamomile mother tincture
A herb we all know, recommended by grandparents, parents and anyone who wants to give their medical support, for all existing ailments, is chamomile. In reality it has been used so much and has a very strong reputation that it is often used for everything, even when you don't really need it.
Chamomile is a flower that grows naturally in many Italian areas and can be grown directly. In traditional medicines it is normal for it to be present for the treatment of many diseases and ailments.
However, not many know the mother tincture chamomile which is an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution, because it depends on the type of recipe used, which in ancient times was made in order to have this "natural medicine" even in winter.
In fact, the mother tincture chamomile was widely used for the treatment of colds and seasonal influences that were even given by allergies. Today it is possible to use it as a home remedy both for frail people, who have a weak immune system, and for children. The latter often have the best advantages because they even cure stomach or digestive pains.
Properties of chamomile
Undoubtedly, when you have a stomach ache what is the first herbal tea that comes to mind? The infusion of chamomile. It is indeed a great digestive, but one that should not be used continuously because it is not recommended for those with chronic reflux, for example.
The properties of chamomile are those of digestive, spasmolytic and calming, but it is always necessary to use a dose that is adequate to the weight of the subject. Furthermore, never abuse chamomile because it is able to relax the heart and therefore slow down the beats. Obviously you have these side effects, if we can call them that, when you use too much, like two cups a day.
The properties of chamomile derive directly from the internal essential oils, from the presence of flavonoids, coumarins and mucilages. Obviously it acts directly on the nervous system since it is able to calm the nerves and relax the muscles.
In its composition we also find hypno-inducing active ingredients that allow the antispasmodic action.
Chamomile can be used in the form of dried herb and flower, in filter, pulverized and soluble, but we also find the mother tincture. It must be said that some compositions are those capable of giving an excellent release of the active ingredients, while others are less intense.
The use of chamomile mother tincture must be done when there are subjects who have severe intestinal and digestive problems, such as people who suffer from reflux, and who therefore need to absorb it quickly. It is diluted in water at room temperature or at most in a cold tea.
Of course, be careful to make a controlled use, ie in doses that allow you to have valid results.
Description of the plant
Let's find out what the chamomile looks like by giving a good description of the plant. First of all, it is always confused with field daisies because it actually looks like you, but the perfume will already make you understand which flower you are dealing with.
The description of the chamomile plant starts from the "heart", the central part is very large compared to the petals which are small, short and of a very reduced thickness. The inner part is yellow with an outer bump. There is therefore a small yellow "mountain" which is then surrounded by white petals.
The stem is thin, very strong and elastic, rather fibrous. Its height starts from 20 cm to reach a maximum of 50 cm.
Chamomile mother tincture for sale
When you ask for or look for chamomile you are always in front of sachets of grass or a dried herbaceous product, but the chamomile mother tincture for sale becomes an express request. In short, it is the customer who, knowing the product, requests it.
The chamomile mother tincture for sale can be found in herbalists who are highly supplied or on the internet which is one of the few places able to satisfy you both in research and then in costs.
Helps digestion, promotes sleep, fights anxiety and stress
Hydroalcoholic tincture of Chamomile.
Herbological hydroalcoholic tinctures are liquid extracts in the ratio D / E = 1/10, obtained by maceration at room temperature of the plant parts responsible for physiological activity.
After a careful and environmentally friendly collection, the drug is immediately processed, to ensure a long-lasting conservation of the active components.
The hydroalcoholic tinctures are made using ethyl alcohol at an appropriate concentration, not genetically modified, obtained by natural fermentation of vegetable raw materials of Community origin.
The long experience in the herbal sector ensures a standardized processing method, for a reproducible and satisfactory result.
Chamomile contributes to relaxation and mental well-being; it also promotes digestive function, thanks to the emollient and soothing action on the digestive system.
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