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Chlorella powder 500 grams

Chlorella powder 500 grams
Chlorella powder 500 grams
Chlorella powder 500 grams
Chlorella powder 500 grams
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Chlorella powder 500 grams
Chlorella powder 500 grams
Chlorella powder 500 grams
Chlorella powder 500 grams
Chlorella powder 500 grams

Chlorella powder

Algae may be the food of the future as they contain so many nutrients which is why we should be more concerned about their health and pollution.

Fortunately, today, we have the opportunity to find foods that are grown naturally and where there is a total lack of pollution otherwise, in a very simple way, these herbs could not be born. Powdered chlorella is just one of them. We are talking about a seaweed that is very tasty. Its appearance looks like a very light, silky powder, which mixes perfectly with water.

Like many other algae, powdered chlorella is to be considered a "super food". Unlike other "marine" foods, it is a unicellular micro algae. It usually has a sweetish taste, also suitable for children who love delicate flavors.

It becomes a tasty drink and is particularly well accepted even if you are following diets. It has no side effects and is tolerated even by people who are allergic.

Chlorella its properties and benefits

The major components that distinguish chlorella, its properties and benefits are those of having a large amount of vitamins A, C, B and E. Their presence allows to have and promote an aid to the metabolism that is stimulated and which allows to have immediately a health benefit. The body tolerates it and takes it quickly, to counteract the possible presence of toxins. In fact, thanks to its active ingredients, it also helps in the presence of free radicals.

In chlorella its properties and benefits for the immune system. It is to be considered as a very strong antibiotic, with excellent qualities. It fights seasonal fever, but also fevers that derive from arthritic states and pathologies. Many elderly people who have preferred to adopt this natural medicine and who have had excellent results.

In children who are developing the immune system, it allows for excellent stimulation and excellent development of the immune defenses, therefore it is recommended as a food and perhaps as a drink.

Chlorella how to use it

How is chlorella used in cooking? Since this is a powder that is then mixed with recipes, it is easy to insert in different sauces, directly in salads, on croutons and even as a garnish for which particular dish.

It is recommended to use it in fish-based recipes as it will certainly enhance the taste. Its delicacy allows it not to have an excessive flavor and therefore becomes easy to combine. Obviously, it is better not to cook it so as not to lose its mineral salts and all those vitamins which, precisely with heat, tend to decrease their poisoning and alter the internal composition.

Chlorella as it is also used as a drink. By simply mixing it with a little water at room temperature you have the possibility of a completely natural drink that is also appreciated for the sweetish taste that is not


The best thing is always to take it in small doses to get used to its taste and also to understand how you like best to taste it.

Chlorella powder for sale

Like many algae and also like many imported products, it is not always possible to find chlorella powder for sale in physical stores unless it is specialized in foreign products.

Chlorella powder for sale in health food stores must be reserved to have it fresh or very tasty. Surely, if you want to find it immediately, it is advisable to turn to websites that specialize in the sale of herbal products and therefore can guarantee you a good quality of this product.

The world of the internet has made it possible to find many products that are often not found in normal physical stores.

Contents: chlorella powder pack of 500 grams

Ingredients: Chlorella powder of biological origin

Produced and sold by Erbologica Amazonas Andes


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