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Ceylon cinnamon whole bark

Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark
Ceylon cinnamon whole bark

Cinnamon ceylon bark herbal tea
Cinnamon exists in different varieties, among the most common we find the type of ceylon. We find it in all the spice shelves for sale in grocery stores and supermarkets, so we all know it, but few know what properties it has.
We evaluate how to take it because, even you certainly cannot eat by spoonfuls, there must be a good cooking method so that it is easy to digest. The ceylon cinnamon bark herbal tea is the advice to follow.
In fact, when there are diluted spices, they are much easier to absorb. Digestion "works" less and is stimulated. In the stomach, when there are drinks, the digestive walls are able to absorb them quickly, unlike solid food. Do you think that Tibetan monks try to take foods that are always very easy to digest because in this way concentration is also increased.
Ceylon cinnamon bark herbal tea is recommended as a digestive, perhaps at the end of meals. During the early afternoon, as it is energizing and soothes the “hunger pangs”. Also useful during the evening to help you sleep. Ceylon cinnamon bark herbal tea has a "calming" effect, useful for regulating the endorphins of the nervous system.
Its taste is sweetish, but absolutely pleasant. Some users who have tasted Ceylon cinnamon bark herbal tea have assimilated it to the classic "ginger candies".
Benefits cinnamon ceylon bark
Let's talk immediately what are the characteristics that you have by taking cinnamon. The benefits of ceylon bark cinnamon are aimed at balancing blood sugar and also cholesterol. Anyone who suffers from alterations of these "biological factors" is often forced to take many drugs, but sometimes you just have to have a more natural cure to avoid suffering from serious diseases.
The benefits of ceylon cinnamon bark are particularly aimed at eliminating or decreasing the ailments caused by type 2 diabetes. Then taking a ceylon cinnamon tea a day prevents the appearance of this disease.
The regulation of sugars occurs through the presence of triglycerides. The benefits cinnamon ceylon bark also relates to LDL cholesterol, that is, the one considered "bad".
We are not just talking about a serious pathology like that of diabetes, because the benefits of cinnamon ceylon bark also extend to intestinal viruses and those that concern colds or the first forms of flu.
Finally, if you do not have any health problems, know that cinnamon also offers help for those who have inflammation of the liver, spleen and gallbladder.
How to prepare ceylon bark cinnamon tea
The method of how to prepare ceylon bark cinnamon tea is very simple. Better not to listen to the countless tips on how to prepare the ceylon bark cinnamon herbal tea found on the internet, which are often also counterproductive and where the internal properties are annihilated.
Since we are talking about a bark product, there must be a good cooking of the wood. Once you have brought the water to a boil, start breaking up the bark. This helps to diffuse internal nutrients.
Then lower the heat, for a slow and continuous cooking, and let it cook for 8 to 10 minutes maximum. Then let it cool and finally filter.
Cinnamon ceylon bark herbal tea for sale
For a quality product you must contact either e-commerce specialized in the herbalist sector or herbalists. The ceylon cinnamon bark herbal tea for sale in herbal medicine may not always be present or not exactly fresh.
While, the ceylon cinnamon bark herbal tea for sale online offers the possibility of seeing its origin and therefore also the harvesting or storage period. All useful elements for a quality product.
Cinnamon bark 500 grams
Other names: queen cinnamon, cinnamomun zeylanicum
Properties: aromatic, digestive, carminative, corrective, tonic, anti-flu.
Preparation of the herbal tea: 8-15 grams per liter, drink 2-3 cups a day.
External use:
herbal tea can be used to rinse the mouth in case of weak gums.
How to prepare mulled wine: flavor the boiling red wine with a few grams
of cinnamon and some of clove and orange peel for each glass of wine.
It is an excellent sudorific against colds and sore throats.
Used in liquor, grocery, perfumery, in the confectionery industry and in the preparation of cured meats.
Warnings: do not use if you are pregnant.
Content of 500 grams of whole ceylon cinnamon 8 cm
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