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Edible flowers

Edible flowers

Edible flowers are more than just a garnish.

Not only do they add a visual touch to the dish, but these botanical beauties can also be used as an alternative to salt or sugar to give a dynamic and flavorful touch to your favorite dishes.

Edible flowers are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which make them great for health.

They are also rich in compounds called glucosinolates, which have been shown to reduce heart disease.

They are also a natural source of purple pigments that are thought to improve brain function and fight stress in times of tension or difficulty.

With so many benefits, it's no wonder that many chefs have started incorporating edible flowers into their cooking! Here are 10 useful ways to use these beautiful flowers in your next culinary creation ...

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Chamomile herbal teaChamomile is one of the most popular herbs when it comes to relaxing herbal teas and infusions.Known for its calming and soothing properties, chamomile herbal tea has become a relaxation elixir par excellence.In this article, we will explore the history, health benefits, and scie..
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BENEFITS:Mallow is a medicinal herb that gives multiple benefits to those who consume it. In fact, blue flowers have beneficial properties for the throat, intestines, counteract lung irritation, are refreshing, purifying and slightly laxative.The mallow herbal tea brings benefits both to the lungs a..
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Cornflower flowers cut herbal teaA flower with an intense blue hue that recalls the depths of the ocean and which is also very beautiful to see, is precisely the cornflower. It is a plant where the flower can be used and which is an excellent herbal aid.The herbal tea cornflower does not have a very..
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Damask rose herbal teaDamask rose tea is a type of black tea infused with the aroma, taste and health benefits of the damask rose.It is made with dried rose petals and other natural ingredients.Damask rose herbal tea can be prepared at home by following these simple instructions.However, if you don'..
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Elderflower herbal teaA magical plant, in the common imagination, but also in the many legends that surround the world of the inexplicable, we find the elderflower herbal tea.In ancient traditional medicine, the elderflower herbal tea was a love potion, an excellent aphrodisiac, but also an excellen..
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Heather flowers herbal teaIn spring, flower-based herbal teas are always very good and also very pleasant. Erica fiori tisana is a protagonist of summer days and also in autumn, since they can also be dried to be used in the colder months.Erica fiori herbal tea has many properties. Its goodness is v..
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Jasmine extra whole flowers cut herbal tea BenefitsAgainst fever, flowers are used for distillation and are included in fine perfumesbecause they are rich in essence.Highly sought after product and not easy to find.Pack of 100 - 500 - 1000 gramsbrand: herbal amazonas andesOur herbs are packaged..
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Karkadè flowers herbal teaKarkadè is a form of tea, but which is used a lot in Africa and is very popular in Italy for its dry, but also sweet and sour taste. Known as hibiscus tea or even Abyssinian tea, it was "imported" already in the Middle Ages, where only wealthy and noble markets used it as a..
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Marigold petals cut herbal tea Calendula officinalis L.Other names: Fiorrancio, Callandra, Calendula officinalisProperties: it is used in case of flu in children, against atonic stomach diseases,stimulants, against nervous hysteria.Preparation of herbal tea decoction: 3 grams in 250 of boiling ..
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Muscat rose petal powderRose petal powder has a cooling and calming effect and is wonderful to add to many formulas.Add the powder to body powders, creams, foot powders, milk baths, herbal teas, soaps, bath salts, body wraps, hair wraps, and facials.It's an all-natural powder derived from rose petal..
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How to prepare and use the dried rosebush budsDried Rose Muscat is used as a spice in many dishes and drinks. It has an intense and fascinating scent, sweet and earthy at the same time. A small amount of dried nutmeg is enough to enhance the flavor of the dish or drink. The flavor of the Muscat Rose..
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