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Green tea


Green tea has a very ancient history of use. This tea is famous for its natural antioxidant properties which prevent cellular aging and strengthen the immune system.

The green tea plant belongs to the Theaceae family, and it is its leaves that contain a high concentration of antioxidant principles that give extreme benefits to the body.

On Erbologica it is possible to choose different variants of green tea and enjoy its benefits for the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Green tea is a draining and purifying drink, it promotes diuresis by eliminating toxins and supporting the drainage of liquids. Green tea is excellent for those who want to improve the flow of liquids, purify the body, eliminate water retention and fight cellulite.

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Chun Mee green teaIts shape called "old eyebrow" is obtained through a particular toasting process.It has an intense and penetrating aroma with notes of flowery meadow and fruit, the taste is strong and persistentFor a correct food use: put a level spoon of tea in 200 ml of water at 70 ° or 80 °.Lea..
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Powdered green teaAll the teas that are on sale in the trade have different flavors that can be more or less intense. Only enthusiasts are able to evaluate and understand the differences in the flavors of the teas, but we see that today it is also possible to have a new composition, namely powdered ..
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Gunpowder green teaThere are hundreds of thousands of varieties of tea. The ones that are best known in the world are the oriental ones, imported from the English colonies which have also adopted the famous "tea time". However, we can also not forget the African, European and Peruvian teas which hav..
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Moroccan Chinese green teaDescriptionGreen tea with mint is a recipe from Morocco, it is a mint infusion that uses two refreshing and thirst-quenching ingredients: Chinese green tea and fresh peppermint leaves.Great in cold summer !!Ingredientsgreen tea, mint leaves, natural mint flavorPack of 100 -..
Brand: Inkanat Model: tevedmat-100
High quality matcha green tea powder from organic farming in Japan.It is an exclusive tea of ​​which there is not a great quantity in the world.Matcha green tea is a powdered tea that has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for nearly a millennium.It is made with Camellia Sinensis tea l..
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Sencha green teaKnown as "Spider's Paw" it is the most consumed tea in Japan.It is grown in full sun.The harvest is in spring and early summer.The aroma is intense and vegetal, with notes reminiscent of iodized sea water.How to prepare a good tea:put a level spoonful of sencha green tea in 200 ml of..
Toasted bancha green tea Toasted bancha green tea
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Toasted bancha green teaProperties of toasted bancha green teaTea has many properties and offers many benefits for the body, but there are many of those varieties that are easily confused. If you want to taste real tea, you must turn to those who are known for this drink, namely the Orient.Bancha gr..
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