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Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams

Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams
Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams

Fennel seeds herbal tea

Fennel is a well-known vegetable in Italy also because it is often used in some traditional medicines.

Speaking of fennel seeds spices there are advantages in its use that should not be neglected. Excellent for digestion, it becomes highly appreciated for use in the kitchen, but also for the creation of some savory sweets that are very popular at Christmas time.

Semi-spice fennel is used purely for cooking tender meats, such as lamb. We find it precisely in Easter recipes.

A user today can also use it to make herbal teas, from which he obtains an excellent and also pleasant digestive drink. In summer it is a drink that must be served and drunk cold, as it is highly satisfying.

What is perhaps not known is that fennel semi-spices is also used for the preservation of meats. We find it in some cured meats where its aroma allows to limit the bitterness of the meat and enhance its flavors. The toasted semi-spice fennel gives a sort of mixed flavor between anise and hazelnut. It is used for the creation of some varieties of nougat.

Benefits fennel seeds

The benefits of fennel seeds entirely concern the digestive system, in the sense that we can use them precisely to improve digestion and reduce acidity.

Users who suffer from reflux often need help digesting, but they must also be very careful about what they eat to reduce stomach acid. At this point it is good to know that precisely in the beneficial fennel seeds we find a perfect medicine for this problem.

If the seeds are chewed during the day, bad breath is fought and the teeth are also whitened. In fact, among the benefits of fennel seeds there is also a great deal of attention to mouth care.

It has essential oils that are useful for relieving pain in the teeth or for deflating painful gums. Even children who are changing their teeth can use it. In these cases it is advisable to take it in the form of herbal tea or you can chew the seeds.

In addition to this, the beneficial fennel seeds also include a stimulation of the healing of wounds that are in the gum or even in the throat. In fact it is an excellent natural disinfectant that reduces the presence of bacteria.

How to use fennel seeds

How to use fennel seeds? We can use them to create an herbal tea. Just boil a glass of water and pour in about two tablespoons of seeds to have an aromatic and very tasty drink.

In the kitchen, where there are many ways of how to use fennel seeds, we can find them used in meat-based recipes, such as lamb where the seeds are chopped and then combined with meat, or even on fish, but beware that in this case a fish that has a very tasty meat should be preferred.

The advantage is to limit annoying odors and therefore have an emphasis on the aroma of fennel.

Fennel seeds for sale

Quality is always what you should look for in food. An old proverb goes: We are what we eat. So we always pay attention. Why make this premise? For the simple reason that fennel seeds for sale in supermarkets are cheap and worth even less.

In fact, it is a very dried product, which has nothing good, if not the smell. For fennel seeds for sale, you should prefer a herbalist's shop or even a website specialized in the herbal sector, where you have the opportunity to have seeds that are fragrant, but also very tasty.

Fennel seeds herbal tea 500 grams

Properties: they are diuretics, tonic, expectorants, stimulating digestive functions,

calm asthma.

Preparation: 5 grams in 100 of boiling water, drink 2-3 cups a day.

External use. in poultice to preserve and improve vision, against chronic catarrhs

of the conjunctiva.

Fennel wine: very useful for intestinal disorders.

Macerate 160 grams of fruit in a liter of wine for 8 days.

Drink 2 tablespoons before and after meals, avoids the formation of intestinal gas and helps digestion.

Used in the confectionery industry, in liquor, in the preparation of cooking drugs.

As a condiment in pork, hare, rabbit and as a flavoring for boiled chestnuts.

Content: 500 grams of sweet fennel seeds.

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