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Graviola in capsules

Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules
Graviola in capsules

Graviola in capsules


Graviola (scientific name Annona muricata) is a fruit tree of the Annonaceae family,

which is native to the tropical forests of South America.

Its fruit is very delicious, with a strong aroma and a sweet and sour taste which is basically a combination of the pineapple and strawberry flavor.

It is an evergreen whose properties against cancer and other medical benefits have gained attention and popularity in the scientific field of health.

Although the fruit has many healing properties which will be discussed in another article, Graviola leaves are the most beneficial parts of this tree.

Graviola leaves are especially recommended for post-chemotherapy treatment.

It is also recommended for people who have diabetes, intestinal and constipation problems, moreover their consumption improves the intestinal flora, the immune system, the defenses, helps the elimination of toxins and prevents the aging of organs and skin, so as in the treatment of other diseases.

Graviola leaves are rich in several compounds, including protein, calcium, fructose, fat, vitamins A and B, and the like. Therefore, the leaves have excellent medicinal properties that use them as an ingredient in various herbal health products.

Health Benefits of Graviola Leaves

Skin ulcers and eczema are a disease characterized by intense pain and even the risk of getting an infection.

They can appear on the body or face, which interferes with skin health and beauty.

Graviola leaves are a natural remedy to cure them.

Regularly applying young Soursop leaves to areas affected by ulcers and eczema twice a day will help relieve pain as well as treat them.

A paste made with fresh Graviola leaves and rose water applied to the skin can also be very helpful in preventing pimples and other skin problems.

Benefits of Graviola on Hair

All people care about having healthy, damage-free hair.

But unfortunately, unhealthy lifestyle, along with exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental pollutants, various hair problems such as dandruff, split ends, premature hair loss, etc. appear.

Natural ingredients and herbal products can be very effective in fighting these problems.

Little is known about Graviola leaves about its benefits for hair.

However, Graviola leaves have the ability to inhibit the growth of parasites, as well as other medicinal properties.

Therefore, applying Graviola decoction on your hair can help you get rid of head lice and solve some of the hair problems.

Contraindications of Graviola Leaves

Graviola leaves, although as mentioned, are beneficial for health, they also have their contraindications in some people

People with Parkinson's disease should avoid drinking alcohol, because "annonacin" apparently also inhibits the function of dopaminergic neurons, which are responsible for slowing the developmental process of the disease.

Its consumption in high doses in some people can alter the intestinal flora.

The use of Graviola in pregnant women is not recommended.

NOTE: The information contained in this article on Graviola leaves is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered a substitute for prescribing, diagnosing, or treating with the product.

If you have any illnesses we recommend that you consult a health professional.

Content: 500 mg of Graviola leaves in powder, without chemical additives.

Dosage: 2-3 capsules per day.

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Brand: Erbologica Amazonas Andes