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Gray Salt of Guerande

Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande
Gray Salt of Guerande

Gray salt of guarande

Have you ever tasted a gray salt? The best known and most natural is the Guarande gray salt. Before talking about the qualities, characteristics and benefits it is better to clarify the coloring because sometimes it is thought that it is an intense gray, but it is not. In fact, there is a dirty gray tone which in any case has whitish parts.

Let's move on to the curiosities. The gray salt of guarande is also called Celtic or Breton salt because it belongs to a certain type of sea salt that is extracted in the Pays de la Loire region, i.e. in the northern part of France. Here there are about 3000 hectares of salt flats where the gray salt deposits are found.

However, it was already used in ancient times because there are evidences of the use of gray salt even in some magical rituals used by the Celts as regards war rituals. So it is a famous salt in this part of Europe, but today it is becoming in demand for the many qualities it possesses.

Characteristics Gray salt of guarande

There are many Characteristics Gray salt of guarande. The first is the coloring, where does it come from? The gray color arises from the presence of clay which is then crystallized in the salt and incorporated by the latter. This type of clay, which is found in Northern Europe, has a lot of magnesium, potassium and iron. Obviously we are talking about a product which then has many trace elements and which allows the body to function.

As for the other Characteristics Gray salt of guarande we note that it is low in sodium, which is paradoxical because we are talking about salt, but it is the presence of clay that allows this reduction.

Therefore it is a salt that is 100% pure, but that does not have an excessive flavor and indeed it has floral taste "notes" that are perceived by the palate. Thanks to this particularity, it is excellent for cooking fish, especially those with delicate meats that need to be enhanced.

Benefits of Guarande gray salt

Among the benefits of guarande gray salt we find a regularization of arterial and blood pressure, indeed it is really useful for those who suffer from high blood pressure. The presence of clay allows you to have many mineral salts that improve sports activities and physical performance. It lends itself as an optimal food for athletes who then need not to have water retention problems or heaviness due to excessive use of salt.

Let's focus on the presence of some minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium. They are elements that are often lacking in the body of people who follow a diet, but which are then released thanks to the use of this gray salt. Having then a decrease in salinity, comparing them with the other varieties available, there is a decrease in the swelling of the body and an easier purification.

In addition, the benefits of guarande gray salt are aimed at counteracting the action of free radicals.

Gray guarande salt for sale

Where can you find the Gray Guarande salt for sale? We see that in Europe it is very widespread, but where the same discourse must always be followed, namely that of having a certification of origin. Both the salt in supermarkets and those in herbal medicine must have a description of the characteristics and then where they come from.

The gray salt of guarande for sale on the internet leads to immediately having descriptions that clarify what is the quality and origin, which is not always the case in other products. Obviously, turn to websites specialized in herbal and natural products.

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