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More and more often we hear about organic food or organic nutrition but what are they really?

As the name suggests, organic nutrition is based on simple concepts, in fact it is a diet that revolutionizes the consumption of products derived from organic farming alone, bringing with it an immensity of health benefits.

Biological nutrition over time

It is easy to imagine that organic nutrition is not a particularly recent phenomenon, in fact it takes place immediately after the end of the Second World War, when currents of thought were formed that have given more and more importance to nutrition.

Another big step forward in natural products is the advent of the internet. In fact, today it is easy to find an online herbalist shop as well as an online sale of organic products, a factor that first allowed the spread of this current.

Why are organic products better?

Organic products are grown with the sole use of organic and natural components (fertilizers, insecticides, etc ...) to better preserve their qualities and of course, to reduce to zero the amount of toxic substances that are consumed every day by eating.

It is proven that natural products contain significantly higher amounts of antioxidants and nutrients than normal products purchased in supermarkets.

Organic food advantages and disadvantages

As anticipated, organic food can only bring positive effects in people's lives by improving health as a whole but also giving a feeling of well-being useful for combating rheumatism and improving the psychological aspect of nutrition.

If we want to talk about disadvantages, organic farming products are obviously less durable over time (given the lack of chemical preservatives) and could be more complicated to find in local stores. Fortunately, today it is easy to find organic products for sale online.

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