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100 capsule red maca 100 capsule red maca
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Brand: Inkanat Model: macroscap1
BENEFITS:Since ancient times, maca has been used to counteract physical fatigue, give vigor and stimulate couple relationships with benefits for male and female prosperity. Maca is a tuber growing at 3,500 meters in Peru.There are several types of natural maca, defined by the color of the root. The ..
60ml liquid Peruvian Maca 60ml liquid Peruvian Maca
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Brand: Inkanat Model: macliq-60
BENEFITS:Peruvian maca can be consumed in different ways: as a supplement, food and substance to add to tasty recipes.In fact, in its long tradition of production and marketing, its uses are truly manifold. Suffice it to say that this plant native to central Peru has a history of at least 2000 years..
aguaje oil
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Brand: Inkanat Model: olagu-30
What are the benefits of Aguaje oil?Aguaje oil is a type of natural vegetable oil that comes from the aguaje tree (Ephedra viridis). It has been used for thousands of years in the production of cosmetics, soaps and creams. Aguaje are small evergreen trees native to South America, where they grow mai..
Aleppo Black Soap Aleppo Black Soap
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Brand: Inkanat Model: spanerai-280
Aleppo Black SoapBlack soap is a natural exfoliant and deep cleans, suitable for all skin types.Eliminates toxins and purifies the layers of the epidermis.Black soap has a calming effect and softens the skin.the use of black soap eliminates all dead cells.Result a clean and smooth skin.It offers man..
Black soap 240 grams Black soap 240 grams
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Brand: Inkanat Model: sapner-240
Black soapBlack soap is a natural exfoliant suitable for all skin types.Eliminates toxins and purifies the layers of the epidermis.Black soap has a calming effect and softens the skin.The use of black soap allows to eliminate dead cells.It offers many benefits:Black pear soap helps eliminate acne sc..
Brand: Inkanat Model: oliric-100
Castor oilDescriptionCastor oil is obtained from castor seeds, a plant with a high concentration of ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid has antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it an effective remedy for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Plus, it helps reduce inflammation and s..
Brand: Inkanat Model: carbcap-100
Charcoal capsulesBenefitsExcellent for treating intestinal gas, meteorism, purifies the body, improves digestion, breath problemsObtained from coconut peel, a natural product.WarningsDo not use in case of drug useIndications1 to 3 capsules a day after mealsPack of 100 capsules of 225 mgInkanat brand..
Chia seed oil in capsules Chia seed oil in capsules
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Brand: Inkanat Model: chiacap-100
Chia seed oil in capsulesOccasionally we talk about superfoods because they are very useful precisely during the winter where there is often a decrease in energy due to the change in weather, the freezing climate and also for an organism that slows down.In winter, our metabolism tends to become slow..
Chlorella powder
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Brand: Inkanat Model: cllplv-150
Chlorella powderBenefitsAntioxidant, antibacterial, improves blood sugar and blood pressure, tonicHow to use itA teaspoon in smoothie, yogurt, salad, soups.Great for vegetarians and vegansIngrdientsPowdered chlorella of biological originBrand: InkanatPack of 150 gramsNutritional table (per 100 g)Ene..
Brand: Inkanat Model: caapolicoc-100
Coconut oil capsulesThey have a great taste, rich in fatty acids that help control weight, and cholesterol.They help eliminate the feeling of hunger, excellent for decreasing abdominal fat.Great for athletes looking for an immediate source of energy.Content100 gel capsules of 500 mgDosageingest from..
Brand: Inkanat Model: zucoc-250
Coconut sugarSugar is one of the most important nutrients for the body, but due to the abuse of refined sugars which causes various diseases, it is therefore useful to find alternative routes,like coconut sugarCoconut sugar is a highly nutritious food that, in addition to the carbohydrates we need, ..
Brand: Inkanat Model: olmosq-100
Cold pressed Rosa Mosqueta oilBenefitsHeals scars, stretch marks on the body, fights wrinkles and the signs of aging.Improves acne, sunburn injuries and burns, eczema, psioriasisIn case of oily skin it can be used together with tea tree oil, add a few drops.Pack of 100 mlOrigin PeruIngredients: 100%..
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