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Licorice natural root

Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root
Licorice natural root

Natural root licorice
The root always has a different flavor from the licorice that we find in the plant and in the branches. In fact, it often has a more delicate and even woody flavor, which however goes very well in a "combination" that is very pleasant as well as delicate.
The natural root licorice is one of the few roots that actually manages to be sweeter, but where there are very "acute" notes of the classic licorice. Much loved by many users, also because it speaks of a delicate flavor that is also able to fight bad breath thanks to its balsamic notes.
However, natural root licorice is also used to garnish and flavor many foods and is often also used in desserts. There are users who prefer to chew it to get the nutrients and essential oils.
Benefits Natural Root Licorice
In the natural root licorice benefits that are directly related to the digestive system, the respiratory tract and even the kidneys. The main organs are able to draw the best benefits, so its properties are really many. Among other things, it must also be assessed that the natural root licorice benefits targeted for having an intense diuretic activity.
So let's see in detail what natural licorice root offers different, but specific benefits.
In the first place we find an excellent help and support for digestion, for the pancreas and the liver, it is able to restore the internal bacterial flora and reduce the bacteria that are taken in from food. Being antiseptic and antibacterial, it decreases intestinal gas production and is great for users suffering from meteorism.
It regulates the intestine, but it is advisable not to exceed its intake when following a diet because it becomes highly laxative. This means then suffering from diarrhea or even loss of important fluids.
For internal organs such as the kidneys and liver, always the natural purifying benefits licorice root. Many drugs are designed to ensure a detoxifying action and then regulate the production of bile.
Then let's talk about what concerns the lungs. The respiratory tract needs to be helped with balsamic components. In fact, the natural licorice root benefits targeted to help dilate the free radicals that are present within the lungs and the respiratory tract itself.
How to use natural licorice root
How is natural root licorice used in cooking? For digestive and even balsamic support and aid. It must be used in the form of herbal tea or decoction. Its aroma allows it to have an anti-inflammatory action for the lungs and respiratory tract. To prepare it, simply boil the root in boiling water for a few minutes. Then it goes out and is drunk very hot, so that even the perfume goes to help breathing.
As for the natural root licorice as it is used for recipes, then it is necessary to know that the same heat of the elements, which have just been removed from the fire, allow for a release of nutrients and therefore also of its flavor.
Natural root licorice for sale online
Licorice can be found in herbalists, but since stores are often out of stock with this product, the natural root licorice for sale online comes to the rescue of all users who, in the end, do not want to go to physical stores. Today with the lockdown there is a tendency to go out less and less. And when you can't find any products, you turn directly to the digital world.
Natural root licorice for sale online is always very fresh and controlled, but above all it has a high quality of nutrients and essential oils inside.
Licorice natural root herbal tea cut (glicyrrhiza glabra)
Originally from south-eastern Europe and western Asia, it is cultivated for its woody roots, with a sweet taste
with a hint of bitterness. It was already known by the Greeks and Romans who used it to clear the throat and calm the cough.
Benefits and uses of licorice
Licorice is used, orally, in digestive disorders, such as swelling, slow digestion, flatulence and belching, in case of ulcers
of the stomach and duodenum.
Excellent anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.
It is also used as an expectorant in case of cough and bronchitis, and calms inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.
Locally, as an analgesic in affections of the mouth and throat.
Liquorice is also used as an ingredient in numerous pharmaceutical preparations, to correct the taste thanks to its intense sugary flavour.
Active principles
Saponosides, flavonoids, coumarin, volatile aromatic compounds, polysaccharides.
Uses of licorice
Herbal tea - half a teaspoon of coffee for 200 ml of boiling water, leave to rest for 10 minutes, drink 1 to 3 cups a day.
Usage precaution
The use of licorice is contraindicated in case of liver disorders and cirrhosis, severe renal insufficiency, muscular hypertonia,
arterial hypertension and pregnancy.
Contents: natural licorice herbal tea pack of 200 - 500 - 1000 grams
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