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Licorice root peeled

Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled
Licorice root peeled

Licorice root
Beloved, sweet and sour, licorice root is a "candy", if we can define it that way, which has always been used eaten, chewed and sucked. Root licorice has a very particular flavor that also varies according to the type of seasoning, but it is actually always very consumed.
Licorice root is not to be considered only as a tasty bitter sweet, it has different nutritional values, excellent food and even medicinal properties. Useful as a digestive, anti-inflammatory, against cough and sore throat, it is also particularly appreciated for the control of gastric acidity.
Many medicines aimed at treating reflux contain licorice extracts that help control digestive acids and thus also relax the stomach walls.
Root licorice for sale
Where to buy good licorice root for sale? In fact, a few years ago, it was also very easily found in tobacconists, but now it has become a food that can only be purchased in herbalist's shops or in shops that are highly specialized in the sale of sweets from different origins.
There are shops that sell foods made from herbs and plants, which are very unique, but they don't exist in every city. To be sure to buy the licorice root for sale on the internet where we can buy different ones, that is to say the most commercial ones or with different degrees of drying.
Licorice root for sale fresh is difficult to eat internally, but it could be such a fresh taste to fall in love with. In any case, on the internet there are many specialized shops where you can buy them.
Benefits licorice
Licorice benefits are many, it helps fight coughs, especially if used as an herbal tea. It fights phlegm in a profound and completely natural way. It is able to dissolve and protect the lungs and bronchi, and for this type of benefit it has always been appreciated over the centuries.
Problems with digestion? Licorice ideal benefits for calming the stomach walls, hiatal hernia, it also helps in reflux problems and increases metabolism. There are also digestives that can be created with licorice while leaving its properties intact.
Licorice high benefits, as a digestive, if you let licorice soak in a glass of alcohol it becomes a useful element to be taken after meals.
For sore throats or inflammation of the gums and mouth, a licorice stick is beneficial for the teeth, for the gums, for the scars that are present. Existing inflammations are sedated by the soothing, antibacterial and sedative properties that are present in licorice.
Licorice where to buy
Licorice where you can buy it and can be found both in candies, with a minimum amount of extract of this herb, or pure in herbal medicine and in stores that sell these types of foods. Licorice belongs to the foods that can be eaten fresh, dried and at different degrees of drying where each one of it contains different elements and properties.
Where can you buy licorice? On the internet you can find different varieties, different types of drying, fresh, root, powder or even extracted. Of course, you have to buy it according to your needs and requirements, but it is one of the best herbs in the herbal world.
Besides the internet, where can you buy licorice? There are also nurseries and botanical gardens that sell it directly as they cultivate it in full compliance with the laws and nature itself. In the most important cities it is also possible to buy it at shops that specialize in spirits, liqueurs and also in craftsmanship of sweets and herbal candies.
Licorice always remains a food that everyone likes.
Licorice root peeled 
Properties: refreshing, diuretic, used against affections of the chest, throat,
in the lowering of voice, against stomach acid. slightly laxative.
Preparation: very short boiling decoction, 4 grams in 100 of water, drink 2-3
cups a day.
External use: bits of chewed root take care of the hygiene of the teeth and serve as anti-smoking.
Preparation of licorice syrup:
it is prepared by macerating 500 grams of licorice for 24 hours at a temperature of 20/25 degrees
powder in 2 liters of water. Strain the liquid and mix well with equal weight of sugar.
This syrup is ideal for chest diseases, it is an excellent corrective in galenic preparations
and its powder is used to sweeten and mix pills, tablets, etc.
Contraindications: Do not use in case of high blood pressure, it is recommended not to exceed 5-15 grams of
licorice daily and not to prolong use for more than 6 weeks.
Content of 500 - 1000  grams of licorice root herbal tea cut.

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