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Cough remedies


Among the annoyances related to the first symptoms of colds, the most common is cough. It occurs as a natural reaction of the organism that positions itself in defense against irritants. We are speaking, in fact, of a physiological reflex produced by the body to counteract viruses, bacteria and other external agents. This discomfort usually occurs in the form of dry cough and fat cough, which differ in the presence or absence of sputum.

What are the cough remedies and how to make the cough pass quickly are very frequently asked questions. Getting rid of a cough takes time, patience and care. In addition to syrups, there are also natural products and remedies for cough that help relieve the discomfort that the latter entails. On Erbologica you can find several natural remedies for dry cough and oily cough.

To counteract the symptoms among the cough remedies we recommend consuming herbal teas prepared with officinal herbs, carefully selected to guarantee their quality. Herbal teas based on mallow, chamomile, eucalyptus leaves and mint are all valid natural remedies for both fat and dry cough. If accompanied with honey, a faithful ally to combat coughs, you can get tasty and healthy drinks to consume before bed. So you can prevent frequent coughing attacks during sleep.

You choose the right herbal tea for your needs. We guarantee you the quality. The selection of herbal teas and herbal teas is made up of controlled raw materials, ideal for enjoying a moment of relaxation before going to sleep and relieving the discomfort that accompanies coughing.

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