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Bowel problems


The intestine is one of the most complex and delicate systems in our body, since thanks to the nervous system present in the intestinal walls, this system transmits a myriad of information to the brain that determine the feelings of discomfort related to intestinal disorders.

Intestinal disorders such as diarrhea and irritable colon can be very annoying during the day, because given the intestinal insecurity they cause, they make it difficult to organize a dinner or an evening in complete serenity. These disorders can be caused by stress or overabundant meals, but also by pathological problems such as food intolerance.


To deal with intestinal disorders such as colitis and diarrhea it is important to act gently on the normal functioning of the body through natural remedies which, unlike drugs, can cause very few unwanted effects. Among the most used products we find nettle and rhubarb, but the best of all are psyllium and papaya.

The ability of psyllium to recall fluids and swell is useful in the presence of diarrhea as it works by absorbing excess fluids and increasing the consistency of the fecal bolus.

This ability to normalize intestinal transit and stool consistency makes psyllium also useful for fighting colitis and cases of irritable bowel.

Papaya has been the subject of several studies due to the content of papain, an enzyme capable of positively influencing the metabolism, intervening on the intestinal load and supporting the "work" done by our intestine.

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Oak bark herbal teaCommon namesFarnia, oakPropertyThey treat diarrhea and intestinal inflammationPreparationA teaspoon in 250 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for 10 minutes.Drink two or three cups a day.Content of 100 grams of oak bark cut herbal teaErbologica brand amazonas andesErbologica off..
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Psyllium cuticle powderThe first to be interested and to catalog the many medicinal properties of plants, seeds, flowers, bark and roots, were the friars, hermits and all the clergy in general. It must be said that they did not discover officinal herbs, in reality they transcribed their use also on ..
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