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Our teeth are indispensable in our life but above all they are unique, in fact once the milk teeth have fallen, the teeth that grow will remain there for life, so cleaning the teeth is a fundamental act to keep them healthy by preventing problems such as cavities. and gingivitis. Our teeth are continuously attacked by external agents, including saliva and food residues which, after each meal, remain on our teeth and if they are not removed immediately, over time they can create a deposit of bacteria, giving life to the tartar that is the main cause of tooth decay and gingivitis.


As already mentioned above, tartar is the main cause of dental problems, so to clean the teeth properly, the daily use of toothpaste and dental floss is essential, to remove the tartar deposited on the teeth and gums. Teeth cleaning is an operation that must be carried out every day, only in this way can it be effective not only in preventing cavities, but also in promoting teeth whitening, allowing us to show off an enviable smile. The toothpaste contains only natural ingredients, and compared to chemical toothpastes, it is less aggressive on the tooth, thus allowing to obtain an impeccable result even in the long term.

Black mulberry syrup Black mulberry syrup
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Black mulberry syrupGELSI SYRUP is a herbal product rich in antioxidant compounds (vitamins C, anthocyanins, tocopherols, flavonoids, etc.), which determine its beneficial effects on health. Mulberry syrup, as well as representing a convenient way of taking the fruits, contains the nutritional activ..
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