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Vision care


Each of us, with the passage of time, suffers the effects of aging which can be more or less accentuated, and this depends on both daily habits and a genetic predisposition. One of the first problems of aging is certainly the loss of vision, generally characterized by blurred vision and tired eyes, the causes of which can be multiple.


Nowadays, the first cause of eyestrain is linked to the use of electronic devices such as computers or smartphones, in fact using them for a whole day will surely find ourselves with tired eyes and even headaches. If this fatigue occurs every day, it is possible to face more serious disorders such as astigmatism or myopia, on which it is only possible to intervene with lenses or glasses.


To avoid having blurred vision, it is important to act preventively through the use of eye supplements that contain as many antioxidants as possible, as their effect helps to keep all the main parts of the eye healthy, including the retina.

Bilberry, for example, is a great eye supplement rich in antioxidants; it is used in case of capillary fragility in the retina, as it promotes the regeneration of some specific tissues of the retina, improving night vision, in fact it was compulsorily administered to aviators who carried out numerous night missions.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: mircomp-125
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