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Nettle herbal tea 1 kg

Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg
Nettle herbal tea 1 kg

Nettle herbal tea plant

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in herbal medicine, and the nettle herbal tea is at the fore. It seems strange that a herb, or rather a weed, which stings and is highly stinging can then have so many benefits that are useful for health and also for beauty care.

The herbal tea nettle is performed only with the tops of the nettles that are not yet ripe, so they do not have the appearance of the quills which are the ones that inject the stinging element. Among other things, it should be noted that when ripe nettles are boiled, the quills will tend to float on the surface of the water because they detach from the leaves. When you have this type of problem it is best not to drink because the quills are indigestible.

The flavor of the herbal tea plant nettle is always a question mark for anyone who has never tried it, but wishes to take this drink. We see that it tastes very similar to passion flower or green tea, but much sweeter. Even the herbaceous flavor is very bland. It thus becomes possible to have a drink that is really enjoyable.

The herbal tea nettle is also recommended for children who have a low immune system or for the elderly who often use many different types of drugs.

Nettle herbal tea benefits

Nettle has a large amount of mineral salts, so it is useful precisely when it comes to a supplement that regulates the functions of the body. Beware that it is one of the very rare plants that possesses nickel, so for those who suffer from this type of allergy there can be side effects such as stomach pain, increased intestinal acidity and feeling of nausea. These are not serious problems, but annoying.

For the rest, the nettle plant herbal tea benefits that are aimed at protecting blood vessels, capillaries, the walls of the heart and reducing bad cholesterol.

It also contains a good presence of folic acid, pantothenic acid and various vitamins that help reduce skin aging.

In the nettle, the herbal tea also benefits from stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid which decreases in our body over the years. Let's say that those who eat and drink nettle remain young forever.

Nettle plant herbal tea preparation

When looking for the optimal preparation method for the nettle herbal tea plant, there are two ways. The first concerns the fresh leaves which are simmered for 5 minutes in order to eliminate any bitter elements. In fact, even if fresh and perhaps not yet ripe, the nettle always has elements that are useful

to protect itself from pest attacks, so it has a bitter taste which is then eliminated by the heat.

The second method for the exact preparation of the nettle herbal tea plant requires the use of dried leaves. In this case, the product must be boiled for at least 10 minutes, over a moderate flame, but then it must be left to infuse for at least 15 minutes. It is filtered and then you can drink it without problems.

Nettle herbal tea plant for sale

Some herbs that are also found in spontaneous growth often contain pesticide problems or other factors that damage nutritional values. Even if you have a beautiful garden, where nettle grows, it is advisable to always prefer the herbal tea plant nettle for sale.

Only the herbal tea plant nettle for sale in herbal or homeopathic stores offer a herb that is of good quality, certified and where you have a good amount of mineral salts.

Currently there are many controlled crops that try to focus on good organic cultivation in order to limit the presence of pesticides or even chemical fertilizers which then make the quantities of mineral salts inside it "anomalous".

Properties: diuretic, purifying, astringent, anti-arthritic, anti-haemorrhoidal.

Preparation: one teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling water, let it rest for 5 minutes, drink 2 cups a day.

The infusion of leaves cleanses the stomach, intestines and lungs of catarrhs.

External use; the decoction is used against dandruff and hair loss.

Warning: do not use in case of edema due to reduced cardiac or renal efficiency.

Contents: nettle plant and leaves 500 grams herbal tea cut

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