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Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams

Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams
Nettle root herbal tea 100 grams

Nettle root herbal tea

It stings yes, but how good it is! The herbal tea root nettle is a novelty in the field of herbal teas that we also find on sale in many supermarkets. It is a drink that is sweetish with a strong presence of floral aftertaste. Incredible as it may seem, children really like the nettle root tea and it is particularly recommended for the treatment of various diseases.

Anyone who is a lover of herbs, decoctions and herbal teas, must absolutely savor this drink. Among other things, in the roots, we also find a taste similar to licorice. Based on its cultivation and its type of "crop", it can offer different flavors.

In general, the herbal tea root nettle is very popular for an afternoon break, but also for a mid-morning drink. Anyone who starts trying it hardly forgets it.

Nettle herbal tea properties and clinical studies

In the nettle herbal tea, properties and clinical studies have highlighted its benefits on:

- Heart

- Liver

- Urinary tract

- Kidney stones

- Stimulation of hormones

- Prostate problems

It is a plant that really contains many benefits, perhaps this is also why it is a herb that is highly appreciated directly by animals. Inside there are many mineral salts, essential oils, vitamins, carotenoids, phytosterols, ceramides and lignans. All elements that fully reactivate our body and, at the same time, stimulate the production of hormones and blood circulation.

In the nettle herbal tea properties and clinical studies are also highlighted the benefits on heart patients. Many subjects had undoubted benefits and this led to an excellent homeopathic treatment that could be carried out without side effects.

If you are hypertensive or have prostate problems, start taking this nettle drink as every single part, from the roots to the leaves, is great and contains several elements that are great for all health.

Nettle herbal tea how to use

How should nettle be taken? Many cook it and also use it in salads or as an extra "smell" in their recipes. Obviously, for these the parts that do not sting are used, otherwise there are still gods

problems with the tongue due to its stinging properties, so better not pick it up to use it directly.

complete with thorns and stinging properties, simply try to boil it, filter it and then boil it again, in this way these thorns should be completely eliminated.

It is always better to evaluate those nettles that are sold in herbalists or in shops that use to sell these products totally fresh and controlled. The treatment of the nettle is slow and meticulous, but completely natural to keep the internal properties unaltered.

Nettle herbal tea for sale

The question that we all ask ourselves, once we are passionate about and discover nettle, is the one concerning where to buy it.

Undoubtedly there are herbalists who are always ready to guarantee an excellent product, but at the same time they may lack it due to a lack of harvesting. The nettle herbal tea for sale must be purchased at certain times of the year, but however we can also have dried products that have been kept unchanged, in containing their properties, through natural processing.

Nettle herbal tea for sale is easily found on the internet and on specialized herbal websites. The advantage is also to find lower costs and an excellent quality product. You could always take a spin on the internet noting exactly which is the best product and the herbal tea you like the most.

Properties: anti asthmatic, purifying, anti dandruff, anti seborrheic

Preparation of the herbal tea

A teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling water, let it stand for 5 minutes, drink 2-3 cups a day.

External use:

the frictions in the scalp, with concentrated decoction, serve against dandruff and hair loss.

The root, chewed by the aching tooth, calms the pain.

Content: 100-500-1000 grams of herbal tea cut nettle root

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