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Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg

Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg
Olive leaves herbal tea 1 kg

Olive leaves herbal tea

There are tons of natural antibiotics that are close at hand and around us, but that we have long since forgotten. Have you ever tried the olive leaves herbal tea? Not everyone knows that this is a widely used product in traditional medicine, almost forgotten. Our grandparents are those who still have memory of what were the benefits of olive tea leaves.

However, in recent years it is possible to note that there is an increasing use of the olive leaves herbal tea. There is an entire line of olive leaf-based products used both for food and for cosmetics.

What are the characteristics and flavor of the olive leaves herbal tea? This is the question that many ask themselves and we are going to note that its taste is not very bitter, we certainly cannot say that we are drinking a cup of tea.

In the end, its taste is slightly more delicate than laurel or myrtle, but it is more sour than other herbal products. The herbal tea made from olive leaves must never be sweetened because you risk creating an undrinkable drink. In fact, the sweet taste contrasts badly with this herbal product, so we try to drink it absolutely.

The preparation allows us to have a different amount of bitterness in it, so the olive leaves herbal tea is easily "manageable".

Olive tree leaves properties

Let's summarize the use and properties of the olive tree leaves, because there are so many that we could write entire books on the benefits that can be had.

Inside we find a large amount of tannins and essential oils that increase the stimulation of some enzymes that are good for our body and cure diseases and ailments that arise also due to incorrect nutrition.

The olive leaves properties aimed at correcting the damage caused by cholesterol or hypertension. People who suffer from thyroid have an excellent ally. The heart often needs to find a balance within the blood because this "vehicle" carries many elements that tire it and increase pathologies within the body.

However, we see that the olive tree leaves specific properties to combat drowsiness or weakness, both physical and mental. Useful for fighting cold sores, mycosis and other fungicidal spore infections.

Finally, when you take herbal teas or decoctions that are based on olive leaves, intestinal damage is limited, digestion is reduced and inflammation in the hemorrhoids is reduced.

Olive leaves herbal tea as it is prepared

The olive leaves, in contact with fire, catch fire easily, even if they are green because they have an abnormal quantity of oils that are easily flammable. Then when you intend to prepare a decoction or herbal tea it is better to follow a specific method.

How to prepare the olive leaves herbal tea? A completely legitimate question. For an herbal tea with a delicate flavor, then it is possible to pour hot water on the product, but the cup that contains it must be covered so as not to immediately decrease the heat of the water. This allows a dissolution of the essential oils.

How do you prepare the herbal tea for olive leaves if you want a more intense flavor? For this, the leaves must be boiled for 5 minutes and consequently you have a sour drink, but which is a real cure-all for the body.

Olive leaves herbal tea for sale

The olive leaves herbal tea for sale in herbalists offers a product that is often of good quality, but beware of any spores or molds that may appear due to not having isolated the leaves.

Obviously, herbalists are always very careful, but this is where we find the olive leaves herbal tea also for sale at very affordable prices, like purchases made on the internet.

Preparation: one teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling water, let stand 5 minutes, drink 2-3 cups a day.

External use: infused with 5 to 100 grams of water, it is used to treat conjunctivitis.

Content: 1000 grams of organic olive leaves, herbal tea cut.

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