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Bee pollen in granules

Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules
Bee pollen in granules

Bee pollen in granules

Few people know the "Bee pollen in granules" which allows you to have undoubted benefits and also to eat or insert in your diet, a totally natural product.

Bee pollen in granules is one of the richest substances in nature, but which comes directly from the processing of bees, considered as a superfood, today it is in great demand like royal jelly. Already here we can give what little information and maybe begin to understand what it is.

Bee pollen in granules is the raw material that is processed by the bees themselves to obtain royal jelly. Let's say that it is one of the main nutrients of worker bees. It is also used as a constituent of honey. Also known as the "bee bread" which allows you to have a hyper-nutritious food.

Each grain is a biological unit that contains a large amount of proteins, amino acids, natural sugars, such as fructose, lipids, mineral salts, among which we mention sulfur and copper as well as containing many vitamins. The most relevant vitamins belong to all those of group B, then A, C, D, E, K and PP.

It does not end here because then in the bee pollen in granules we also find enzymes and coenzymes. Growth hormones and carotinoid pigments. In short, a nutrient bomb, but with a completely natural derivation.

Beneficial bee pollen

Bee pollen useful benefits, but for what? Are we just talking about a superfood? In reality, superfoods are not only useful because they help support the body, but because they reactivate the metabolism and then allow for support for the entire body.

Focusing directly on the beneficial beneficial bee pollen, let's try to give some more information. There is talk of an anticancer product that prevents the formation of cells, but not only.

Useful against constipation, constipation, colitis and intestinal infections. There is talk of an invigorating effect that also manages to guarantee a benefit for well-being and euphoria.

Bee pollen also benefits anemic states. In fact it helps and supports the production and stimulation of platelets and red blood cells. The hemoglobin rate immediately manages to recover a good consistency. Bee pollen itself becomes useful for those who have a vegetarian and vegan diet.

Bee pollen how to use it

How to use bee pollen properly? It is made up of granules that have a shell, derived from the dissolution of pollen sugars. This must be chopped or shredded because it is not digested by our stomach, in the end it is a part that is waste. At this point you can also chew it directly in order to have a snack that we can eat even during a lunch break.

How to use bee pollen to have relaxing effects? To allow excellent absorbency, it can also be mixed with herbal teas by replacing honey or sugar, so it certainly becomes much more useful and particularly digestible even for those who have digestive problems.

Bee pollen for sale

This product, that is the bee pollen for sale, is not easy to find in shops, even in herbalists it becomes a rather rare "commodity" or to order. Costs are often also high, which is why we recommend that you turn to organic or totally natural products sales outlets.

Bee pollen for sale on the internet is certainly the one that offers a difference in costs, some of which are very cheap, also because there are many beekeeping crops that sell this product directly. At the end you can still do a research and evaluate both the quality and the prices that are proposed ingredients

100% natural bee pollen in granules


One to three teaspoons a day, to be taken preferably on an empty stomach.

It can be dissolved in warm (not boiling) water, or it can be taken with honey.

Pack of 500 grams

Amazonas Andes Herbological Brand