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pot herbs

Used in the table and in the preparation of herbal teas all over the world, aromatic herbs certainly do not lack popularity in everyday life. Aromatic herbs in the kitchen not only help make meals tastier or environments more fragrant, but they are often real medicinal herbs that therefore bring beneficial effects to the body (see for example turmeric and rosemary).

Aromatic herbs are widely used and appreciated in cooking, but are equally useful for their healing properties. Plants and aromatic herbs have many anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant benefits, and are also excellent as a natural digestive. In addition, aromatic herbs contain many essential oils, rich in beneficial properties.


For lovers of new and exotic flavors, cooking spices with a variety of tastes will be a passion to be discovered, the only limit is availability on site. Fortunately, it is possible to buy spices online! If in-store availability was what was holding you back, you've just discovered the solution.

Erbologica offers its customers a vast catalog of cooking spices, aromatic herbs and aromatic plants. All the spices for sale are selected from the best plants and aromatic herbs and guarantee superior quality compared to those grown locally.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: agpemix-500
Garlic and chilliMETHOD OF USE:Our preparation is practical and quick to prepare spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli, you just need to toss the sauce with some oil.For a correct preparation, sauté a teaspoon of garlic and chilli pepper mixture per person in abundant olive oil for a few minutes. Al..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: aglgra-500
BENEFITS:The granular spice garlic comes in a very coarse form, they are usually dried, so it is also possible to revive them before reusing them again. Granular garlic is very convenient because it halves the cutting work, all you have to do is add it to your favorite dishes. It is highly appreciat..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: maggtsan-500
BENEFITS:Plant marjoram: marjoram is a herb that comes from Africa. Today it is easily cultivated everywhere and has become a typical plant in the Mediterranean scrub. It is an aromatic plant with a flavor similar to that of oregano, thyme and cumin. Marjoram is part of the family of aromatic herbs ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: agar200
BENEFITS:Agar agar is a vegetable gelatin of marine origin that is obtained from the cell wall of various species of algae of the genera Gelidium, Euchema and Gracilaria. Thanks to its high fiber content, around 80%, it is considered a good intestinal regulator. Moreover, thanks to its satiating pow..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: anic-1000
Anise seeds 1 kgProperties: they are expectorant, carminative, aromatic, stimulate the digestive system, usefulin bronchial affections, cough and asthma.Preparation of the herbal tea: leave one teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling waterstand for 5 minutes, drink 2-3 cups a day.They are used to flavor lique..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: miscelprov-500
Aromatic Provençal blend for cookingCulinary art has its secrets for being defined as "art". The ingredients are always important, but the touch of the master who then goes on to give a different or even very intense flavor is the spices.The Provençal Aromatic Cooking Blend is well known, but it is ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: basof100
100% natural base for sautéingPreparationBrown the mixture in extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes with the meat 2 sizes: 80 gr and half 40 grIngredients: Onion, carrot and celeryThe sautéed celery, carrots and onions is an essential element of Italian cuisine,which gives a unique flavor to the ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: all500-re
Bay leaf herbal teaThe laurel plant is used as a hedge because it is very decorative, but it also offers a number of benefits that have always been known. A small curiosity is the importance that the ancient Romans gave to bay leaves as they were considered "excellence" and a direct relationship wit..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: semcumne-200
Black cumin seedsOther NamesNigella sativaIt was already known, loved and appreciated in Ancient Rome, black cumin seeds have always been used for the treatment of many ailments and diseases. There is also a saying that has called it the: cure everything except death. This makes it clear that it is ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: sen-polv500
Black mustard spice powderMustard is not part of traditional Italian cuisine, but it has become very popular over the past 50 years. It is mainly used for cooking, although in the East, its seeds are even used to make decoctions and create drinks.Today black mustard with spice powder has become comm..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: miscepesc-500
Mixture of aromatic herbs for cooking fishIngredientsCommon thyme leaves, laurel leaves, fennel seeds, rosemary leaves, coriander seedsOur herbs are packaged in a protective atmosphere or vacuum-packed to preserve the active ingredients naturally contained in the plant from oxidation.The product is ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: card100
Cardamom herbal teaSpices are a characteristic of Eastern countries, but also of Africa, where they represent a natural antibiotic and antibacterial. The properties that we find inside them are useful for our health and that is why we can reap many benefits.Cardamom herbal tea is one of those spices..
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