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Green tea powder 100 grams

Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams
Green tea powder 100 grams

Powdered green tea

All the teas that are on sale in the trade have different flavors that can be more or less intense. Only enthusiasts are able to evaluate and understand the differences in the flavors of the teas, but we see that today it is also possible to have a new composition, namely powdered green tea.

Powdered green tea is of the highest quality because the leaves of a particular plant are processed. They dry naturally, until they are totally dehydrated and then they pulverize in a thin way, almost as if it were a hetero element. This allows you to have good attention with regards to the intake of powdered green tea and all its nutrients that are there.

The flavor is very strong, not disgusting, but in order not to eliminate the characteristic note that concerns the flavor of powdered green tea, it is always good to taste it without mixing it with sweeteners or honey. This type of product is drunk exclusively in an absolute way.

Benefits of powdered green tea

There is a reason why powdered green tea is considered very valuable, in addition to its processing and harvesting, we see that it has very high antioxidant qualities. In fact, it contains at least 20 times more nutrients and active ingredients than classic green tea.

Then there is a rejuvenating action that starts from the inside to impress on the regeneration of the skin.

Green tea powder benefits rejuvenation and a new metabolism balance. Over the years, the metabolism begins to change and therefore becomes sluggish, this leads us to gain weight or accumulate cellulite, and here instead hiring green tea powder useful benefits precisely for a new internal balance, we see that we return to lose weight in a healthy way and without suffering from the sense of hunger.

In powdered green tea it benefits immunostimulants as it is able to strengthen the immune system and therefore it is useful precisely in winter, when there is a lowering of forces and energies which then decrease the immune defenses.

At this point we can say that indeed, the benefits offered green tea powder are aimed precisely to have an excellent body that is always functioning and young, so here is why it is considered a long-life product.

Powdered green tea ritual of preparation

In the East, where there is a great and important tea culture, there are various ceremonials as it is considered a sacred plant. Green tea powder rite of perfect preparation is to bring to a boil

the water. It is boiled for a few minutes in order to eliminate any bacteria that are there. Then you must pour the product into a cup and pour the water that must not drop below 80 °.

In powdered green tea, the ritual of preparation must then be completed with an immediate, very fast mixing to avoid the appearance of lumps. The faster you are, the better the flavor of the tea, which does not have time to congeal or solidify, but melts completely.

Powdered green tea for sale

There aren't many shops that have a private tea market, so you often have to settle for herbalists who can offer powdered green tea for sale, but with a limited choice of qualities.

In order to never make a mistake in choosing, it is better to look for physical stores that specialize in this sector or go directly to the world of the internet where powdered green tea for sale has different costs and is available in varieties that can taste more or less. intense, according to taste.

Powdered green tea


Exciting, tonic, stimulating, digestive, they increase blood pressure


2 grams in 100 of water, always as an infusion

The tea infusion has a purifying action in case of narcotic intoxication.


Do not abuse the product, it leads to insomnia.

Pack of 100 grams

Brand: Erbologica Amazonas Andes