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Propolis hydroalcoholic solution

Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution

Propolis hydroalcoholic solution

Our grandparents and parents used iodine tincture to heal minor wounds, scalds and burns, but also for very intense wounds. Today there is a use of this medical solution for scars or very serious wounds, such as post-operative ones.

However, on the herbal market we also find propolis hydroalcoholic solution. Things? Don't you know him? Well let's see what the hydroalcoholic solution is.

We always talk about a liquid solution that is taken directly from propolis. It has many antiseptic, antibacterial, but also disinfectant and purifying properties. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. Less aggressive, therefore it does not cause pain, and is particularly recommended for children. It also manages to have an excellent use for insect bites, which are often annoying and particularly painful, or for hives given by external plants and their sap.

Propolis benefits and properties

The treatment of the annoyances that you have continuously, with a herbal product, allows you to have a "reactivation" of the metabolism and does not use chemical elements. Propolis benefits and properties that are directly aimed at the treatment of sore throats, overly aggressive coughs and asthma problems.

So it is definitely a product that should never be missing in our medical pantry in winter.

In addition to this, the propolis benefits and properties are also those of curing any inflammatory states of tongues, gums, dental growth problems and even abscesses. A completely natural cure that allows you to act directly on the bacteria that are causing these ailments. Why rely on chemical-based medical treatments when propolis can be used with ideal benefits and properties?

We also see that propolis benefits and properties is also used for respiratory problems and skin damage. Dermatitis, burns and even herpes, are the ones that receive the most benefits in this regard.

Seeing is believing and falling in love directly with this type of product. There are so many qualities that the internal "leaflet" is very long.

Propolis hydroalcoholic solution how to use it

Being a natural-based liquid, that is, taken directly from propolis, we see that it is used both outside the body and also inside. We can drink it and dilute it in water in order to have a decrease in its flavor.

The hydroalcoholic solution propolis how to use it properly? For use in the treatment of sore throats, various inflammations and also to reduce gum disease, it becomes possible to dilute it in water and drink it directly. In case of damage to the gums, then a small amount can be spread on the "painful" part.

As for the propolis hydroalcoholic solution how to use it for external use? Then you have to spread the pure solution on the wounds and insect bites. It has no side effects and therefore is recommended for both children and particularly burning wounds. Obviously, attention should also be paid to the doses that are recommended directly on the package.

Propolis hydroalcoholic solution for sale

Being a medical product, therefore for pharmaceutical use, propolis hydroalcoholic solution is often sold in pharmacies or in the sale of homeopathic products. We are certainly talking about a product that must be highly controlled because it is for curative use.

As for the hydroalcoholic solution propolis for sale online, it always offers good quality, but at prices that are often lower than those we find in physical stores. You can then make cost comparisons to evaluate what is the convenience that you have based also on the quantity of product to be used. If you buy a good amount you can really save a lot. Propolis hydroalcoholic solution

Properties and benefits

Powerful anti-inflammatory fights sore throat, asthma.

Propolis in glycolic or alcoholic solution is useful for canker sores, abscesses, blisters of the oral cavity.

It has a decongestant action on painful teeth and is therefore also effective on gingivitis

Propolis also gives immediate relief to the sore throat.

Propolis is also an excellent natural preventive product against colds and flu.


30 mg hydroalcoholic solution of propolis