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Remedies for sore throat


Sore throat, the typical unwanted friend that occurs during the coldest periods and seasonal changes. It is an inflammation of the oropharynx, and in particular of the mucous membranes of the upper airways, which can occur both in the winter and in the summer months if exposed to excessive changes in temperature. Furthermore, its manifestation due to irritants, such as smog and smoke, cannot be excluded.

Recognizing a sore throat is easy, manifested by difficulty in swallowing both food and drink, a painful, burning and stinging sensation in the throat, followed by cough, phlegm, cold and other symptoms of seasonal ailments.

When it presents itself as a mild inflammation, or a hint of inflammation, there are several remedies for sore throat that can be effective.

Find out how to relieve a sore throat and relieve discomfort. On Erbologica you will find natural products based on officinal herbs with beneficial properties for the respiratory tract. Among the proposed remedies you can choose useful products to treat sore throats such as propolis, licorice roots, balsamic herbal teas based on peppermint and eucalyptus. They are natural remedies for sore throats and colds that help calm inflammation and thin the airways.

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Propolis chewable tablets Propolis chewable tablets
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Propolis sprayBenefitsThanks to its properties it can be useful as a relief for the throat during the cold season.CompositionPropolis alcoholic solution 75° at 30%, pure ethyl alcohol, glycerol, fructose, water, hydroalcoholic extractof uncaria tormentosa, hydroalcoholic extract of echinacea angusti..
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