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Cold remedies


Colds occur mainly in the months when temperatures drop. You recognize it by the most common symptoms, such as nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, general ill feeling and a sore throat.

To prevent colds it is advisable to follow good and correct daily hygiene, above all, because the cold virus is easily spread by air and by contact. Often despite the thousand precautions it is still possible to contract the virus and have to fight the unpleasant cold symptoms. In this case it will be necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations and help yourself with cold remedies.

There are many products and natural cold remedies that help relieve the symptoms that accompany this condition. For example, among the things to take for colds we at Erbologica suggest the selection of our herbal teas based on officinal herbs. Eucalyptus herbal tea, herbal tea with mint and thyme, one with chamomile or lemon and ginger tea offer specific benefits to counteract cold symptoms.

Choose the right product for you, recover from the physical and mental fatigue caused by colds and rediscover the sense of harmony and well-being with the natural products of Erbologica.

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