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Foot care


The feet are a fundamental part of our body, in fact they allow us to walk, run and in general to move; without them where would we go?

The feet, however, are among the parts of the body most subject to stress and problems of various kinds, since being in continuous use in different situations and places, they are easily subject to wear problems such as calluses or cracked heels and to problems such as fungus or excessive sweating. .


To keep your feet in excellent condition, there are many natural products that can have various effects depending on the problem to be solved. The most common problems are certainly calluses and cracked heels, problems that can arise when our feet suffer from dry skin, so to rehydrate the skin there are creams and gels that, using them for example for a foot massage, will certainly help to maintain the feet in perfect condition.

However, the opposite problem could also occur, namely excessive sweating of the feet, technically called plantar hyperhidrosis, which can cause maceration of the skin and the onset of mycosis, thus increasing vulnerability. This problem can be congenital to the individual or it can be caused by the use of poorly breathable clothing that does not allow regular skin oxygenation. To remedy this and prevent major ailments, it is necessary to have a daily foot massage with a specific foot care cream or gel.

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