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Treatment of constipation


Constipation or constipation is an intestinal disorder that involves difficulty in evacuating stool regularly, leading to evacuation sometimes even once every three or four days, with a gradual intoxication of the whole organism. The causes of constipation, excluding the pathological ones, are many: unhealthy and balanced diet, alteration of the intestinal bacterial flora, drugs and stress. To prevent it, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet, but if the problem persists then you can rely on natural laxatives.


To combat constipation it is possible to use excellent natural laxatives, which can certainly cause fewer side effects than pharmaceutical laxatives. Natural laxatives are food supplements which, however, must support a healthy and balanced diet, which is the basis for regulating the intestine.

Among the various food supplements for constipation, acidophilus capsules are excellent because they contain lactobacillus, a lactic ferment necessary to restore the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora

The ideal natural laxatives for bowel cleansing are chia seeds: the seed, by absorbing water, creates a gel that incorporates all the waste and toxins of our body into the stool, improving both constipation and irritable bowel.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: chia5
Chia seedsSimilar to beans, chia seeds have been known for millennia. Widely used in South America, they have characteristics that really help intestinal well-being with properties based on calcium, iron, selenium and vitamin C, which also help our skin. One of the very few vegetables that also poss..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: senfol100
BENEFITS:The Senna plant, also known by the name Cassia Angustifolia, is a medicinal plant with marked laxative, purgative and decongestant properties. Senna is characterized by hydroxyanthracenic glycosides, mucilages and tartrates.It is precisely the glycosides that act in the intestine and facili..
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