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Joint pain natural remedies


Joint pain is a problem that we have all faced at least once, and it is a very common problem, especially in the elderly and pregnant women. Joint and muscle pains can have different causes, all however mainly related to cartilage, and we can distinguish them into pathological and non-pathological causes.


Among the pathological causes we find arthritis and cervical at the top of the list; two diseases that involve inflammation of the joints themselves through the reduction of cartilage which causes the bones to rub against each other and become inflamed. On the other hand, among the non-pathological ones we find arthrosis, pregnancy and sport; all three have in common the reduction of cartilage, which however is caused respectively by aging, hormonal change and wear of the cartilage. To combat them, there are excellent anti-inflammatories among the natural remedies.


The best anti-inflammatories to use for these problems are:

Devil's claw: contains numerous active ingredients with analgesic and relaxing action for muscles and limbs. This makes the devil's claw effective and particularly suitable for arthritis and cervical.

Uncaria: the glycosides of quinovic acid are responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties, together with sterols and polyphenols, which make it almost more effective than common anti-inflammatories.

Artidol: a food supplement composed of selected medicinal plants, specific vitamins and minerals, useful for promoting the integrity of the cartilage tissue. Contains Devil's Claw, Uncaria, Turmeric, and White Willow, with specific anti-inflammatory properties to improve joint function and collagen formation.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: ungarn-50
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