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Spice powdered rosemary

Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary
Spice powdered rosemary

Spice powdered rosemary

Herbs and many spices are widely used in the recipes that we eat at home every day. Who cooks without spices, does not cook, but boils! This is a Campania proverb that we have translated from the dialect to make it clear that it is actually necessary to "dare" with herbs.

Rosemary in spice powder is used a lot. If we check the different recipes of the regions, we notice that there are many pastas, sauces, main courses of meat, fish and even desserts that use the spice powdered rosemary.

On some things, rosemary is useful precisely because it enhances flavors, while on other foods it tends to extinguish an excessively strong smell or an intense flavor, which could become very annoying.

We emphasize, in this first explanation, that the spice powdered rosemary has a good flavor, which is very pungent, particular, balsamic and, at the same time, aromatic. That's why they like it a lot and it looks good on everything

Benefits of powdered rosemary

Rosemary is a plant that arises spontaneously in the Mediterranean scrub. It is also very popular with insects, especially bees, because it has lovely whitish and purplish flowers that contain a good percentage of sugar. Do you think that there are also beekeepers who sell rosemary honey, especially in Sardinia.

Now let's highlight the benefits of powdered rosemary. It is a spice that is full of:

- Flavonoids

- Phenolic acids

- Tannins

- Camphor

- Rosmarinic acid

The last element is precisely the unique characteristic of rosemary since it develops only in this plant, but which is an excellent antioxidant and anti-aging. In fact, the benefits of powdered rosemary are to be able to do a good stimulation and cell regeneration.

Even the internal organs are able to receive these benefits of powdered rosemary, a real tonic for our body. For the liver it is purifying, detoxifying and also an excellent digestive.

If we have liver pain, perhaps after drinking too much alcohol, a good herbal tea based on rosemary can help limit the pain.

How to use spice powdered rosemary

How to use rosemary spice powder and where to use this product? We have already suggested it, but we try to emphasize which is the best use.

Rosemary enhances the flavor of meat, of all meats, especially fatty ones. Also, some meats have an odor that eventually becomes annoying as well. For example, when it is cooked, the presence of fat or blood creates a "perfume" that often becomes a "stink" when it is cooked. Using this very spice it is possible to cancel this problem.

In addition, there are also alternative ways of How to use spice powdered rosemary, namely on some pastas and also in sauces which will then be useful for seasoning pasta.

Let's say that it is a "poor" spice that is often used in traditional and peasant kitchens.

Rosemary powder spice for sale

Supermarkets and grocery stores, those where we go to buy anything and everything, we always find rosemary powder spice for sale, but we want to open a little parenthesis.

The quality of the spice powdered rosemary sold in these supermarkets is certainly not excellent, sometimes it is very dry, excessively dusty or with a poor flavor. This does not allow you to really have the right flavor of rosemary.

While, if we want to focus on quality, then the spice powdered rosemary sold in herbalists or on the internet, helps you to have a truly optimal product that has an intense, energetic and perfect flavor in its composition.

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