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Sage leaves cut herbal tea

Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea
Sage leaves cut herbal tea

Herbal tea cut officinal sage

Beloved since ancient times, the herbal tea cut officinal sage has many virtues hidden inside. It was thought that anyone who ate or used sage in their diet became immortal because they never got old.

Today there are many studies that have shown that sage contains essential and nourishing oils that allow for cellular regeneration and this explains why, the herbal tea cut officinal sage, reduced the appearance of wrinkles and also gave a very shiny and toned skin.

In the end still today the herbal tea cut officinale is widely used, but perhaps because we know exactly what the benefits offered are.

Let's focus on the flavor of herbal tea cut officinal sage because, for anyone who has never tried it, it may not be particularly pleasant. It does not taste bitter like many other leaves, but it is particularly aromatic.

In fact, Sage is considered a cooking herb, a spice, as such it has a strong aroma and intense flavor. Therefore, it is better to start getting used to the herbal tea cut officinal sage and then increase with the dose of the leaves. In fact, there are different methods of preparing this herbal tea, so that it is lighter or more intense in taste.

Benefits of officinal sage

Using sage in the kitchen should be a daily gesture because it has many properties and also offers many benefits. Surely its flavor helps to have a use in different recipes, but let's see exactly what are the characteristics of sage.

In officinal sage, benefits are aimed at a purifying action that is divided into the digestive one and that aimed at certain organs.

For digestion, officinal sage benefits the intestine. In fact, this part of the body often suffers from poor movement of the muscles, so it creates problems of constipation or inflammation. Using this herb will reduce these annoyances. Sage has no side effects, so we can always reap its benefits.

As for the purifying action, officinal sage benefits that are aimed at the gallbladder and liver. By lowering the blood sugar and increasing the oxygenation of the blood, there is an internal "washing" that supports and improves the functions of these internal organs which are the body's great filters.

In addition to this we see that officinal sage benefits are:

- Against menstrual pain

- Decreases inflammation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract

- Reduces phlegm

- It dries the respiratory tract of catarrhal secretions

- Eliminates inflammation in the urinary tracts

Sage therefore has several characteristics to make the most of for our health.

Salvia officinale herbal tea preparation

We have also mentioned before that the officinal sage herbal tea different preparation that allow you to better manage its flavor.

It is not said that you like it immediately, so let's start with a preparation that is easy and not very "aggressive". The boiling water is taken, heated over the fire, and poured over the sage leaves. It is left to infuse for 5 minutes and then filtered. If you already want to have a refill of the aroma, you can leave it to infuse for 10 minutes.

For the second method for the officinal sage herbal tea preparation with an aroma refill, you have to boil it for 5 minutes and wait for it to cool before filtering it.

Salvia officinale for sale

The officinal sage in direct sale is very simple, in the sense that we find it everywhere. During the summer, that is, in the period of its flowering, even the greengrocers sell it. In winter it is necessary to think of a more specialized officinal sage for sale, since the product must be dried, but without the presence of preservatives.

This means that in winter, in order to have good quality sage, you must contact herbalists or the online market.Salvia officinale herbal tea cut 500 grams

Properties: aromatic, tonic, fights bad breath, depression and exhaustion.

Preparation: a teaspoon in 250 ml of boiling water, let it rest for 5 minutes

drink 2-3 cups a day.

External use. against fatigue, a bath is prepared with sage leaves, lavender, rosemary and thyme.

Warnings: do not use if you are pregnant.

Content: 100 - 500 - 1000 grams of sage leaves herbal tea cut

Sold and produced by Erbological amazonas andes international herbalist.

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