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Pink flower salt

Pink flower salt
Pink flower salt
Pink flower salt
Pink flower salt
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Pink flower salt
Pink flower salt
Pink flower salt
Pink flower salt
Pink flower salt

Pink flower salt

The East amazes with some products that cannot be found in our Europe, but which have also amazed many popularizers and explorers. In 1959, an English explorer, entering the study of the Himalayan culture, discovered pink flower salt.

We are undoubtedly talking about a product that we are not used to seeing in food, but which has many advantages in terms of metabolism and for the immune system. Pink salt already has very special characteristics for him, but with the addition of flowers it increases its flavor and also its peculiarity.

Pink flower salt is an ingredient that is used in many "wellness" dishes. It manages to fight water retention and restore a good amount of fluids in the muscles. In particular, it fights both cellulite and also free radicals. It becomes a tonic for the walls of the veins and thus also participates in increasing blood circulation.

The flowers that are then joined in the pink salt to the flowers are of officinal derivation, that is, with medical characteristics that allow us to relax, to have a good energy to use and that fight depression or excessive stress.

Another feature of pink flower salt is that it contributes to the transmission of electrical impulses from the brain to the nerve centers. Think that it also helps memory as it contributes to the elimination of dead brain cells.

For the muscles, as it helps blood circulation, reduces the discomfort of muscle cramps and also prevents joint pain. Anyone who suffers from rheumatism will find a valid ally in pink flower salt.

In short, it is good, much more good than our Mediterranean salt.

Pink flower salt where to use it

What is pink flower salt for? Anyone who asks this question is not curious about herbal medicine or even foreign cultures. Inside we find pink salt, but which is enriched with flowers, such as:

- Chamomile

- Mallow

- Marigold

- Lavender

- Rose

All flowers that are edible and that are often used to create herbal teas.

Where to use pink flower salt in order to have an intense and tasty natural aroma? Well, it should be used in salads that are salty, just to give a certain flavor to the dish. The steam tends to diminish the flavor of some vegetables and therefore this ingredient returns to be the master.

Another method to understand that pink flower salt where to use it in the kitchen is to combine it with meat or fish carpaccio. In this case you have a too intense flavor of the food, which not everyone likes, so it is simply reduced with the sweet of the flowers.

We can also find alternative recipes, vegan for example, with a little research on the internet, at least so you can also get closer to your tastes and be able to appreciate more the pink salt with flowers.

Pink flower salt for sale

The discussion that expressly concerns pink flower salt for sale starts with a focus on prices. In fact, we are inundated with merciless advertising that enhances and enhances all its characteristics, and we agree with this. However, when a product is over-advertised, there is then a series of imitated, poor-quality products that are not beneficial and are deceptive.

The pink flower salt for sale on the internet is very easy to find, but just think that the original one costs around 60 euros per kilo. Of course, to consume this quantity it takes time, so it is better to evaluate smaller dosages in order to buy it often and always fresh.

In this salt, the scent of flowers joins the taste of pink Himalayan salt.

Ideal for grinding

Ingredients: Himlaya pink salt, lavender, rose, chamomile, calendula, mauve and violet

In this salt, the scent of flowers joins the taste of pink Himalayan salt. Ideal for grinding with the salt grinder directly on meat or vegetables.

Contents: pink flower salt pack of 250 grams

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