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Salt of the Andes

Salt of the Andes
Salt of the Andes

Salt of the Andes

The salt of the Andes obtained from the natural evaporation of a stream in the heart of the sacred valley of the Incas in Marasma in Cusco.

Channeled mountain water is used and brought into pools of water created in an artisanal and manual way by the Peruvian dressing rooms.

The farmers of Maras have been using it in their diet since the times of the Incas.

Use in the kitchen

Excellent for flavoring fish and seafood dishes, red and white meats, with a delicate taste.

It is a salt rich in minerals

Exclusive product of our shop, imported directly from the Andes of the Maras community.

Origin: Peru

Brand: Erbologica Amazonas Andes