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Exercising is certainly an effective method to keep the body in shape, eliminating excess waste with sweating and keeping us young. However, during physical activity whether it is sport or simple gymnastics, our body loses many substances through sweating, and when a lack of mineral substances is reached, we will begin to feel a sense of fatigue, very often accompanied by lactic acid. In order to cope with great physical exertion and increase endurance, it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet, complemented by the addition of supplements to develop muscle mass and reduce lactic acid.


In order to increase the efficiency of muscle mass, it is necessary to adopt a specific diet and take the right amount of amino acids, the main responsible for muscle growth, and among the various supplements available, arginine is one of the best types of amino acids.

The intake of an arginine-based food supplement, in combination with specific strength training for muscle development, promotes protein synthesis

for this reason, arginine is particularly appreciated in the world of body building as it clearly improves the muscle pump and is also known in the world of wellness for its ability to stimulate blood circulation.

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