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Guarana seeds powder 500 grams

Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams
Guarana seeds powder 500 grams

Guarana seeds powder

How many times have we heard or been advised to have a diet that was more herbal? Indeed, we should start thinking about an improvement in nutrition which must be increasingly vegan or vegetarian.

Guarana seeds in powder form is one of those foods that is also recommended in the diets of children and the elderly, that is to say for those subjects who are still considered fragile. Semi-powdered guarana allows you to have a good amount of starch inside, proteins and also other elements that still make up a full and energizing food.

Semi-powdered guarana is used both to make doughs and recipes that are still very good, but it can even be dissolved in warm water to have a supplement drink. Obviously, to know how to use semi powder guarana, one must evaluate its internal composition and therefore also what are the principles present that certainly bring real benefits.

Its organic composition also ranks it as one of the important superfoods to be consumed several times a week. This fruit is undoubtedly known also because there are many drinks that are based on its extracts.

Guarana powder benefits

The beneficial guarana powder that derive from the natural chemical elements that are contained in its biological composition. In fact we find:


- Cyanolipids

- Saponins

- Starch

- Proteins

- Caffeine

A blend that still makes it a useful herbal product to have good energy and also to improve muscles as well as circulation.

Specifically, the guarana powder has targeted benefits for the nervous system and also for the cardiovascular system. Containing stimulants, such as caffeine, it allows the nervous system to be more reactive, but without over-excited it, as happens with coffee for example. This goes to regulate the mechanism of inhibition of adenosine receptors to have a new energy you can rely on.

Also considered an excellent supplement, the beneficial guarana powder are also aimed at toning the bronchial muscles and reducing the absorption of lipids.

Indeed, it is also recommended for those who are following a diet. Taking it regularly, it has a high digestive action and reduces the sense of hunger, this is because guarana provides the right caloric amounts that are in any case free of lipids.

Guarana powder preparation

The use of guarana powder is a preparation for smoothies and doughs. We are not talking about a flour, but a thickening powder that is used for the creation of fruit smoothies, tasty and refreshing in summer, or even for some doughs for desserts.

The guarana powder preparation for recipes allows you to also have somewhat crumbly biscuits, similar to shortcrust pastry, but with a very delicate flavor. Of course, you can also try adding a couple of tablespoons of guarana to the flour to use it in a different way and thus create small, very tasty recipes.

Guarana powder for sale

We went to the supermarket but couldn't find guarana powder for sale? A normal thing. This is a herbal product with high nutritional and energizing elements, but which is not in great demand because it also has a rather high cost.

To find guarana powder for sale, one must go to organic shops, pharmacies that sell products for celiacs or specific herbalists. This is because we are still talking about a herbal product precisely.

If you live in a small environment where it is really difficult to find guarana powder for direct sale to the public, then you can always try to purchase on the internet in specific sites dedicated to this type of sale. Content: 500 gram pack}

Ingredient: Peruvian Guarana Seeds Powder 100% pure and natural

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