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Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)

Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
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Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)
Snail slime face cream 50 ml (homemade cosmetics)

Snail slime face cream
New in terms of beauty, is the use of snail slime face cream.
Scientific studies have analyzed what are actually the properties and contents that are inside the drool that is emitted by this insect.
Already in ancient times, in ancient Rome, we find that its use was used in the beauty masks of matrons and common people.
Let's say that at the time it was normal to have "snails" crawling on the face, in order to massage the face as well.
Even now there are beauty centers that carry out the same practice, to the great satisfaction of their customers.
Obviously there are different uses in cosmetics, where the snail slime face cream is composed of this element
and other minerals that allow you to have unique effects in the world.
The snail slime face cream continues to interest both the world of male and female beauty.
For this reason it is good to know what are the benefits of this snail slime face cream to use it at its best.
Benefits of snail slime cream
The recurring question, when you read about a snail slime cream and know what the results are, i.e. what the snail slime cream benefits actually are.
The advantages that you have are also diversified based on age.
For mature skins, which are perhaps always those that need more nourishment and to have a new tone in the muscles, the benefits of snail slime cream are:
- Give new elasticity to the skin
- Nourish and increase the hydration of the epidermis
- Fill in the wrinkles on the face
- Regenerate the epidermal cells
- Eliminate dry skin
In a nutshell, the benefits of snail slime cream are to remove from the face for up to 10 years.
Because they have properties and minerals that are produced much more slowly with advancing age.
For young skin, after the age of 25, when you start to have a very slight thickening of the skin,
but which then goes to accentuate expression lines, the benefits of snail slime cream are:
- Regulate the production of sebum
- Decrease the evidence of expression lines
- Prevent the appearance of the signs of aging
- Make the muscles toned
So there are many benefits to using this all natural cosmetic product.
How to use snail slime cream
The creams to be absorbed it is good that there is also a massage that goes to help the muscles to move
passively and therefore also to be absorbed quickly.
In fact, when thinking about how to use snail slime cream, particular attention must be paid to the movements.
In fact, it is not enough to sprinkle it and then wait for it to dry or dry.
On each box and also on the package it is normal to find the explanation of the method of how to use the snail slime cream.
In fact, the best gestures are to use very small circular movements to increase absorbency
and thus have the confidence that the nutrients have been absorbed by the skin.
Snail slime cream for sale
The world of cosmetics has many brands that have decided to have a snail slime cream for sale with their own private formula.
This is because there are also different quantities of this element which is studied according to the age of the users
and also the problem they want to remedy.
The snail slime cream for sale can be found in many perfumeries, pharmacies and even parapharmacies.
However, the snail slime cream for sale on the internet is always the most prudent choice because it has an affordable price and a wide choice of brands.
High artisan cosmetics with high concentration of snail slime
The snail slime face cream was designed and formulated for the shock treatment against deep wrinkles present in mature skin.
Snail slime contains a set of rather complex active substances such as allantoin which stimulates tissue regeneration
(replacing dead cells with new cells), elastin, a protein capable of making the skin elastic, collagen,
essential constituent of the skin, which acts as a moisturizer and softener.
It also contains glycolic acid which allows to exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin and directly stimulates the formation of collagen in the dermis,
making the skin more radiant.
Finally, there are vitamins and amino acids that promote peripheral vascularization and "oxygenate the skin".
Pack of 50 ml
Contains 50% snail slime
How to use: in the evening after cleansing the face, apply the cream with a light massage until completely absorbed.
It can also be used as a rich eye cream.
Avoid contact with eyes.
*Da agricoltura biologica

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