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Draining herbal teas


On Erbologica you can find a wide selection of draining herbal teas to give you well-being and help you counteract water retention.

In fact, the draining drinks are made up of natural medicinal plants with effective and beneficial properties to give lightness and relief from discomfort caused by water retention. They eliminate the feeling of swelling and help fight cellulite and orange peel skin.


The deflating and draining herbal tea is an excellent natural remedy that helps reduce excess fluids on a daily basis. Combining draining drinks with a healthy lifestyle stimulates diuresis and helps eliminate water retention in the legs. They also help keep the skin toned and firm.

Here, you can choose the best draining herbal tea for you. They are a real cure-all for regaining harmony and well-being.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: fras500
Ash herbal teaTrees are important within the environment, without them there would be no creation of oxygen, but they are also herbal products of great properties. Let's focus on the ash that also grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean scrub.The herbal tea ash is divided into two types, namely:- A..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: bet200-em
Birch leaves herbal tea cutHistoryIn phytotherapy, birch is used especially in northern Europe.Birch is a tree up to 25 meters high, with a silvery-white trunk that cracks whenthe plant ages.Origin: Europe, Asia, North AmericaTwo species are used in herbal medicine: white birch and warty birch.Activ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: cil500
BENEFITS:The cherry peduncles are the thin twigs that join the fruit to the branch, with which draining and purifying herbal teas can be prepared, widely used in case of water retention and cellulite.The cherry stalk contains a large presence of mineral salts and vitamins which, combined with flavon..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: barbmai500
Herbal tea corn beardsThe blond wheat that gives us golden fields. A romantic image used by poets and writers, but where we also notice the corn beards. Known in the herbal sector also with the "nickname" of wheat hair, the herbal tea corn beards also offer medical help.There are many legends that r..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: mancan-100
BENEFITS:Among the herbal products, in addition to herbs, roots, barks and flowers, we also find lymphs.A particularly used sap is the cannoli manna. The latter is well known and consumed in Southern Italy, and its trade spreads from here, given the large presence of the Manna ash. It is one of the ..
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