To these are added also the mineral salts, with vegetable fatty acids, flavonoids, sterols and 18 types of amino acids different from each other; all these elements are extremely precious, obviously they are also available in fruit and vegetables, but to be able to assimilate the same quantity, each of us should eat them in great variety.

Goji berries also offer excellent support for the immune system

The fruit in question is certainly not a discovery, it is considered as a real point of reference for improving one's immune system; much of the merit is certainly to be attributed to its vitamins and mineral salts, but not only that, because 4 precious polysaccharides, namely the LBPs, make the difference.

Thanks to these elements, the body will register a sharp increase in lymphocytes, or more commonly called white blood cells, but at the same time they act

by natural phagocyte enhancers, which in turn protect the body

by the presence and action of pathogens.

From today you too know that if you are often prone to colds or chronic fatigue, goji berries can offer you precious and almost immediate help.

Goji berries for sale

Many products are available on the market and here goji berries still play a very important role, it must in fact be considered that these fruits are perfect if integrated into a diet for weight loss; the presence of antioxidants is perfect, these fight free radicals and together with zinc and chromium lead to a constant reduction of the sense of hunger.

Goji is not a simple fruit, but one of the best for its low glycemic content and the merit is certainly of the long-chain polysaccharides!

Erbologica goji berries: