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28 Sep New Blog Post
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22 Sep Medicinal herbs that help mental fatigue and concentration
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Mental fatigue can take many forms.It can feel like a never-dissolving fog, a general lack of motivation and momentum, or just plaina day when you don't have the mental energy to focus on tasks at hand.In all cases, mental fatigue can make effective ..
21 Sep Mint herbal tea and its benefits
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The aroma of mint is so pleasant and refreshing.Did you also know that mint has many health benefits?Mint is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are good for you.Drinking peppermint tea can help improve overall health and hav..
20 Sep What are natural alternative sweeteners to sugar
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We know that sugar is not good for you, but we also know that completely eliminating it from our diet is unrealistic for most people.Typical healthy eating plans recommend consuming no more than 10 teaspoons of sugar per day.That's about 100 calories..
19 Sep Hoarseness natural remedies
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When the voice is hoarse, it is almost always the result of a cold or flu.These viral infections cause inflammation of the airways, which makes it difficult to speak and makes the voice hoarse.And if you also have a dry mouth due to coughing and snee..
08 Sep Frangula: what are its properties and how it is used in herbal medicine
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Frangula is an ancient Latin name for tree species known in English as Alder Buckthorn, European Alder Buckthorn or Black Alder.The term derives from frangere, which means "to break", and gula which means small fragment of food.The frangula is also k..
07 Sep Low immune defenses: discover the benefits of medicinal herbs
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Weak immunity is not just the result of climate change and the stress that comes with living in urban areas.Immune weakness is also a consequence of our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits,which tend to be high in fat and sugar, low in vitamins and..
07 Sep What are the properties and applications of snail slime
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Snail slime is today an indispensable product for the skin care of many people.It is rich in protein, glucosamine, and minerals such as iron and calcium.These properties make snail slime an excellent natural ingredient for skin care, able to improve ..
06 Sep Benefits of fig blossom herbal tea
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Prickly pear is often associated with dessert or something sweet.However, this cactus has many uses besides being a tasty fruit.For centuries the prickly pear has been used for medicinal purposes.In fact, prickly pear contains more vitamin C than cit..
02 Sep Galega and its benefits
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The world is full of plants that offer us the best solutions for many conditions.Gallega, also known as goat rue, is one such miracle plant.It has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times and its benefits are numerous.This article explain..
31 Aug Horehound herbal tea and its properties
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Horehound herbal tea is a very usable and nutritious drink, as well as tasty.It is an alfalfa infusion that has multiple benefits. It also leaves no acidity but instead a pleasant sweet and sour sensation.Although it seems unknown to many, Horehound ..
30 Aug Karkadè herbal tea benefits
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Karkadè has been used for centuries in traditional medicine.In fact, the word "karkadè" derives from Arabic and means "red cedar", testifying to its origins in the Middle East.Today, this herbal tea is gaining popularity among naturalists and healthy..
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