Horehound herbal tea is a very usable and nutritious drink, as well as tasty.

It is an alfalfa infusion that has multiple benefits. It also leaves no acidity but instead a pleasant sweet and sour sensation.

Although it seems unknown to many, Horehound herbal tea is spreading more and more.

In fact, this plant has numerous beneficial properties for our body, even if there is still no real commercial use of its leaves.

There are many variations of this herbal tea: some have only the leaves while others include the root or the flowers of the plant itself;

or you can add sugar or lemon to change the flavor and make it more palatable.

Let's see together all the advantages and benefits of using Horehound herbal tea with its health properties

Horehound, a plant with beneficial properties

Horehound is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family.

This species is widespread in Italy, especially in Sardinia and Puglia, but also in Veneto, Tuscany, Sicily and Calabria.

However, the Horehound did not arrive in Europe from the Middle East, but is a native plant from southern Italy.

In fact, the first written records of this herb date back to the Middle Ages.

Properties of Horehound herbal tea

Horehound is an infusion rich in beneficial properties for everyday health.

First of all, it is very useful for those suffering from constipation, regularizing intestinal transit and alleviating pain.

This infusion is also excellent for rheumatism, muscle pain and cough: thanks to its tannin and theobromine content,

promotes the regulation of blood circulation, the drainage of liquids and their elimination.

Furthermore, since it has analgesic properties, Horehound herbal tea can help those with headaches or problems with bad body odors.

It also has a positive effect on the skin, helping to eliminate stains and signs of aging.

Finally, Horehound is an excellent tonic rather than a digestive, very useful for those with physical and mental fatigue problems.

How is Horehound herbal tea used?

Horehound herbal tea can be prepared in many ways, especially as regards the amount of water to be used.

In addition, sugar or lemon can be added to change the flavor.

The Horehound can be purchased in a herbalist's shop or in an online herbalist's shop.

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Advantages for our health of Horehound herbal tea

Horehound herbal tea, as we see, has many beneficial effects both for the body and for psychological well-being.

It is an excellent tonic and antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic properties, regulates intestinal transit

and helps fight very unpleasant menstrual pains, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties for wounds,

it also helps regulate blood pressure, is an excellent digestive and is very useful for people with physical and mental fatigue problems.

Benefits of horehound for psychological well-being

Horehound herbal tea is also very suitable for those suffering from stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

In addition, those who suffer from sleep disorders and have a tendency to become irritable can benefit from the use of this infusion.

Finally, this tea is also useful for those suffering from depression and mood problems.

Horehound herbal tea lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthens the immune system and concentration, helps defend against fatigue

physical and mental and from colds, and therefore it is an excellent natural remedy for those suffering from these symptoms.

Healing properties and benefits of Horehound herb

Horehound has healing and beneficial properties also thanks to the herbazzone, or the oil extracted from Horehound leaves.

Erbazzone is an essential oil rich in vitamins and mineral salts that nourish, moisturize and soften the skin, giving it a young and radiant appearance.

Among the beneficial properties of herbazone we remember the fact that it reduces skin spots, stimulates hair growth, helps heal wounds and cuts.

Healing properties and benefits of horehound for mental well-being

Horehound infusion is also excellent for those suffering from mental health disorders.

Furthermore, if the herbal tea is drunk regularly for a long time, it is also possible to cure sleep disorders and mood problems.

Horehound herbal tea has calming and soothing properties, therefore it is very suitable for those who have problems with anxiety, stress and other forms of depression, even chronic.


Horehound herbal tea is an infusion rich in beneficial properties.

It's a great way to get your body back on track