Cystitis is basically an inflammation of what are the lower urinary tract, it can affect women and men equally. Cystitis causes ailments such as burning, spasms and the urge to urinate all the time. The causes are many and of different nature, it can be an infection due to bacteria coming from the intestine, but it can also have a chronic form, which is due to a consumption of the bladder wall, where there will be no bacteria and will require a intervention of a health nature.
In this article, let's see how to remedy cystitis with natural methods, which can obviate the need and prevent the onset of cystitis.
The natural remedies that are most effective against cystitis
As a first remedy for cystitis we can try D-Mannose. This is a useful remedy for those who often suffer from cystitis, D-Mannose must also be used as a prevention. Basically it is a simple sugar that is extracted from larch and birch woods. It is used thanks to its effective function, because it reaches straight into the bladder, without being absorbed by the intestine, attracting bacteria and incorporating them, finally, through urination, it will expel all the bacteria captured. In addition, D-Mannose counteracts the formation of protective barriers that activate the bacteria, so as to prevent them from nesting on the bladder walls.
Cranberry also acts as an anti-stick for bacteria found on the bladder walls. Cranberry is rich in flavonoids, anthocyanosides, citric acid and also the important malic acid, which are used to give the remedy all the soothing and disinfectant properties for the urinary tract. In fact, the cranberry helps to restore the acidic environment and the basic environment.
Uva ursina is one of the best remedies for disinfecting the urinary tract. It is rich in flavonoids, tannins and arbutin. The action of Bearberry starts by calming the burning, relieves spasms and reduces pain and the urge to urinate often. It is a very effective infusion, this is because it increases the water we drink and allows the arbutin to enhance its disinfectant effects.
Sodium bicarbonate
When cystitis is in an acute phase, the degree of acidity within one's urine must be decreased, therefore, to do this, we can take advantage of the most classic of antacids: sodium bicarbonate! Just take a teaspoon dissolved in a single glass of water, at least five times a day. So as to increase the alkaline degree. This helps in enhancing the effect of the arbutin which is contained in the bearberry.
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Grapefruit seeds are very important, this is because its concentrated extract is effective against Escherichia coli, against staphylococci and streptococci, salmonella, but also against fungi and viruses. In fact, using grapefruit seed extract is excellent for preventing the onset of cystitis, especially in the change of seasons and before going to the beach, in order to avoid urinary tract infections.
Peduncles of Cherry
It is a remedy against cystitis that is complementary to bearberry and cranberry to purify the urinary tract. This is because such cherry stalks are rich in:
• malic acid;
• potassium salts;
• flavonoids;
• tannins;
• vitamin A and C;
• polyphenols.
It has a sedative effect on the bladder, for spasms, but also against the urge to urinate while promoting diuresis.
Mallow is a remedy rich in mucilage, so it works thanks to its anti-inflammatory, soothing, but also restorative and protective properties of the mucous membranes. Excellent if drunk in a decoction or as an herbal tea, otherwise it can be washed with warm water, gently cleansing the area in question.
Calendula is a great versatile remedy. It can be found in different formats, there are dried flowers useful for infusions, in hydroalcoholic extract, but also ointment, such as ovules, in short, they are all solutions that can go to act to remedy the attacks of cystitis. Calendula also acts as an antiseptic, has antibacterial, soothing, refreshing and even healing functions. It can be used to rebalance the vaginal bacterial flora and to calm spasms and those that are the annoying burning of the urinary tract.

If cystitis also affects men, in this case there may be problems such as urethritis or prostatitis, which will cause a lot of burning during urination, spasms and even traces of blood in the urine. To remedy cystitis in humans, Serenoa Repens can be used, which is rich in flavonoids, tannins, anthralic acid and phytosterols. This is a mix that performs an antiandrogenic function, that is, it inhibits the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, the one that promotes the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, that is, the stimulator of the prostate gland. Serenoa works as an anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic on the bladder and urethra.