When a woman is pregnant, during pregnancy, especially when the season is also colder and relaxation becomes a single desire, here is that preparing and choosing herbal teas is undoubtedly to be done immediately. In fact, drinking a relaxing herbal tea is nice to relax and stay more hydrated. Let's see in this article what we recommend.
What do naturopaths tell us?
First of all, there are herbal teas that can be taken and others not, it is important to pay attention to the health of the baby. Many herbal teas help the mother to promote sleep and to alleviate the disorders of expectation, such as frequent constipation and nausea. It is always important to ask your doctor or herbalist. Certainly, chamomile is one of the most recommended infusions, because it has calming, anti-inflammatory properties, and can act on stomach pains.
The best herbal teas to relieve the hassles of pregnancy
When possible digestive disorders and nausea or vomiting arise, what is our advice is to prepare a ginger herbal tea, which will also have an almost spicy aftertaste, but will help to calm and give well-being.
If the classic problems of swelling or water retention exist, even in this case it is good to prepare herbal teas, among which the main one is birch, which contains many substances that are purely anti-inflammatory and diuretic.
If there is a need to purify and fight water retention, something will certainly be needed that is able to reduce the cholesterol that is usually present in the blood. The important thing and the advice is to always drink it at a distance from meals. In addition, the sap of the birch itself is also useful to hold. Circulation is the thing that is put to the most severe test, this is due to the fact that the blood vessels are going to weaken in the walls, so as to open the door to the capillaries, which will be evident on the legs. The herbal teas that can help remedy this are those with horse chestnut and witch hazel. They contribute to the improvement of the elasticity of veins and capillaries, mainly as regards the perception of the sense of heaviness, so as to relieve it. Drinking herbal tea with these plants, once or twice a day, will be good for your body.
Nourishing properties of fennel tea during pregnancy
Fennel tea is the one that brings so many benefits to the body, in fact it is a useful remedy if you have digestive difficulties that will be associated with cramps, swelling and various ailments. Mostly they are problems that arise in the early and late stages of gestation. Taking fennel herbal tea, in particular, will reduce the formation of gas inside the stomach and intestines, avoid the fermentation of bacterial flora and can promote the production and secretion of gastric juice, so as to stimulate digestion. Furthermore, it is very important to know that fennel also increases milk secretion, which is therefore used in those final stages of pregnancy itself and during breastfeeding. It is recommended to take fennel tea at the end of each feeding, this is because it avoids the onset of gaseous colic in the newborn.
Green tea and pregnancy
You can drink tea during pregnancy, contrary to what is said, as long as you do not overdo it, since it still contains caffeine. This substance passes the placenta and reaches the fetus, causing possible effects at the level of cardiovascular activity. The important thing is that the tea is green or white, the black one does not have positive properties, so it is better to avoid it during pregnancy, while the white and green, on the contrary, have rich antioxidant properties that will bring benefits to mother and child.
Which draining herbal teas to take during pregnancy?
Draining herbal teas, during pregnancy, are not really recommended, as are many infusions, especially during the three months of gestation. This is because it is one of the most delicate periods, so it will be difficult to choose the right products. Although there are contraindications to taking certain draining herbal teas, there are also many benefits that derive from the correct intake.
The main benefits that are given if you consume draining herbal teas are those that affect water retention and cellulite. In fact, all the various infusions help treat these two main problems. Draining infusions help with diuresis, but can also offer an action of reactivating the blood circulation itself and helping to remove the toxins that are present within the body.