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Euphrasia herbal tea cut

Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut
Euphrasia herbal tea cut

Euphrasia herbal tea cut

Sweet is not at all acidulous, the Euphrasia flower grows spontaneously within nature. Many times we could have collected it without knowing its name and also what were the properties or flavors that this flower possessed.

It must be said that the herbal tea cut also has a strong "sweetness" that is given by the nectar that is present in the flower in full spring. In fact it is a traditional herbal tea in many Italian territories. However, it is normal to wonder and wonder what the flavor of herbal tea cut euphrasia is for the simple reason that not all of us know it. If we talk about chamomile, for better or for worse you know what its flavor is. The same applies to lemon balm which are common herbal teas that can be bought in any supermarket.

On the contrary, euphrasia is a more particular flower which however also offers many advantages. However, if you want to try a different herbal tea, it is advisable to evaluate this type of flower.

Euphrasia and its properties

The reason why herbal tea is also traditional in many regions is that it offers a series of benefits that are very useful for the treatment of many seasonal ailments and inflammations.

Euphrasia and its properties are aimed at antibacterial and even anti-inflammatory actions. It is recommended directly in the early stages of the flu, when you feel a little "bruised", where you can't move or are very tired.

Its essential oils are able to soothe the sore throat and, at the same time, also the parts of the irritated stomach. These elements are also useful for any inflammation of nerves or muscles.

In the list of euphrasia and its properties we also see that it is perfect for eye care and conjunctivitis. Eye irritations that are also very strong in the mid-season, when there are so many dust and pollen.

Both the flowers and the leaves are used for euphrasia, however each part has similar effects for the body and for the treatment of the ailments just listed.

Euphrasia herbal tea preparation

Compared to other herbs, for the exact preparation of the euphrasia herbal tea, care must be taken not to damage and not fully burn the flower. Chamomile, which has a delicate flower, in the end is able to resist heat very well, but euphrasia is not. It suffers greatly from the heat, so much so that when it then goes to burn, it also risks becoming very bitter.

So: what is the euphrasia herbal tea preparation? The best way is to bring the water to a boil. A couple of teaspoons are placed in a filter. The filter is placed in charge and the boiling water is poured. The important thing is that it is then left to infuse for a maximum of 5 minutes. After that, it must be filtered because otherwise the euphrasia begins to release the bitter element that "spoils" the flavor of the herbal tea.

Euphrasia herbal tea for sale online

Euphrasia herbal tea for sale online has different qualities. this also explains why there are enormous differences in prices. In fact, the costs can vary from a few euros, where you already have the sachets complete with filters, or you get to 25 euros per kilo, with bulk product.

Properties: tonic, astringent, fights jaundice, anti scrofulous, digestive, ocular anti-inflammatory,

it is also called grass of the nearsighted.

Preparation: one teaspoon in 200 ml of water, let it rest for 5 minutes, drink 2-3 cups a day.

Help those with weak memory those with stomach upset and hay fever.

External use: for weakness of vision, unbearable to light, inflammation of the eyes,

use the infusion by making cold washes frequently and several times during the day,

using a sterile cloth soaked in the decoction, prepared with distilled water.

Euphrasia infused in bath water, is useful for skin sensitive to atmospheric agents.

Arabic decoction: to decrease eye bags:

5 grams of eyebright 5 grams of lavender 5 grams of rose petals 5 grams of mallow flowers

It is boiled in a liter of distilled water, left to rest for half an hour and filtered.

Make compresses several times a day, leaving a cloth, soaked in the warm decoction,

for a few minutes on the eyes and lying down.

Content 500 grams

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