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Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams

Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams
Gramigna Rhizome root 500 grams

Gramigna root herbal tea

The weeds that infest the land and gardens are not "useless", they still have good characteristics that concern a herbal use. Undoubtedly they are weeds and often damage the care and aesthetic beauty of the land, but we see that the herb tea root is very well known.

The herb tea root is a remedy used both in traditional medicine and also for beauty care. In fact, even if we don't use it much today, in the past it was a much loved drink by women who were able to lose weight and control water retention by taking Gramigna root herbal tea every day.

The shepherds and farmers took a herb tea root during the day, especially on very cold winter days, to optimize circulation and recover a good body temperature.

In the end there are real benefits that we can have even today. The Gramigna root herbal tea must still be performed considering the quality of the product, its freshness or drying, but also trying to buy a product that is not very old.

If you have grass in your garden, you can also dry it for later use as a good herbal tea and winter drink.

Gramigna root benefits

The root grass benefits useful for water retention and also for the reduction of cellulite. Indeed, we must point out that for cellulite that occurs in the thighs or even in the hips, the

grass root immediate benefits. By drinking an herbal tea daily, it is possible to have a decrease of 5 centimeters of fat pads per month.

Blood circulation is improved and therefore there is a new tone of the circulatory system. Among other things, the grass root has cardio-toning benefits, so it is also recommended for those who have cardiological problems and pathologies.

However, we see that in the root weed there are targeted benefits for inflammation affecting the urinary tract. Even those who suffer from cystitis can get excellent help from this root, but beware that if you take it in excessive doses it causes stomach acid. The recommended dose is that of one herbal tea a day.

In winter, in mountain areas, the weed is also known as a drink to be taken when there are principles of hypothermia, why? Today it is known that temperatures are regulated by blood circulation. The nutrients and active ingredients that are present in the root allow for an improvement in circulation and therefore also to restore a suitable temperature in the body.

Gramigna root herbal tea preparation

The herbaceous root herbal tea is a simple preparation, but which must be evaluated based on the quality of the root. For the product that is well dried, 1 tablespoon of well chopped root should be used for one cup of boiling water. The water must be poured over the product and left to infuse for at least 10 minutes. Then you go to filter and then to drink.

For the herb root herbal tea preparation for the fresh product, then it is good to pour the root into a saucepan of boiling water and leave it on the stove for at least 5 minutes. Then it is left to cool and filtered. The reason for leaving it on the stove is to reduce the bitterness which is a characteristic of the fresh root.

Gramigna root for sale

What are the shops or places where you can find the root weed for sale? Herbalists may have root weed for direct sale, but not all of them have this product. It is especially requested in the summer, because it is an excellent anti-cellulite remedy.

However, only well-stocked herbalists have this product. Usually the root grass for sale on the internet is the best choice. Rhizome root grass 500 grams

Properties: purifying, diuretic, refreshing, decongestant, emollient.

Preparation of herbal tea decoction:

the decoction is prepared by boiling 30 grams of rhizomes in the quantity of water for 1 minute

enough to cover them by throwing away the water that brings with it the bitter principles and boiling the

residue after bruising it to break the epidermis lasts in 1250 grams of fine water

at a reduction of 1 liter.

Drink 3-4 cups a day. Excellent diuretic against liver and kidney diseases.

Cures gout and rheumatism, useful for dissolving gallstones, and recommended for inflammations

to the urinary tract.

External use: the vapors of the decoction, inhaled in the mouth, mature the abscesses that form on the tonsils.

Content of 500 grams

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