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In the home, at work, in shops, a part of the welcome and charm is given by the perfume. Incense is traditionally used during liturgical and spiritual rites. However, there is no lack of uses during yoga practices in which incense represents that extra touch to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

On Erbologica we have selected quality natural incenses from countries with a rich tradition of incense production. You can try it and thus discover the natural intense scent of natural incense. Give an oriental and exotic touch to your home, office or shop environment.

Natural incenses give a pleasant and also beneficial fragrance for the mind. Harmonizes the environment with a pleasant and pleasant aroma and purifies it, promoting relaxation.


Natural incenses are obtained from resins from some plants of the Boswellia family typical of the Middle East. Once the process of collecting and producing the incense has been carried out, it can be burned in order to obtain the perfume. The history of incense production is ancient. Since ancient times its greatest use has been made in the church during the celebration of the religious rite.

However, incenses are also used in meditation and yoga practices, during which the intense aroma of incense is released to promote a welcoming environment, capable of stimulating the senses and promoting relaxation. On sale there are natural incenses of various perfume intensities, from the most delicate to the most intense ones.

A curiosity about incense will certainly be useful in the summer. Incense is also a natural repellent, in fact its scent does not like mosquitoes and other insects at all. You can use it both indoors and outdoors so you will chase away annoying enemies.

On Erbologica are on sale the natural incense of Palo Santo in sticks, hand-cut in an artisanal way and specially selected for customers looking for quality products.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: bosw500
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: palosan-100
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