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Liver Care


The liver, together with the kidneys, is the most important organ in our body, since thanks to its filter function it offers benefits to the whole organism. It receives all the blood rich in digested and absorbed substances that comes from the intestine, and then transforms the introduced toxins and metabolic waste products in order to be eliminated through the intestine. Almost all health problems are related to a decline in liver function that most of the time is not detected by blood tests. Purifying the liver is therefore of fundamental importance, and to do so it is necessary to have a correct diet and implement it by relying on natural products.


Symptoms of an intoxicated liver can occur throughout the body, and are mainly headaches, difficulty digesting, bad breath, and colitis. the main method to purify the liver lies in a correct diet, in fact a healthy and balanced diet helps the liver to purify itself of toxic substances, such as drugs, alcohol and metabolic residues. However, the diet must be completed by taking natural products to provide the necessary substances, and among these we find fish oil, which thanks to its high concentration of omega 3 has an anti-inflammatory action, reducing triglycerides and cholesterol and protecting liver cells. from tumors that could affect him. Combining a proper diet with natural products rich in omega 3, such as fish oil, will also help us lose weight.

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