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Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams

Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams
Birch herbal tea in powder 500 grams

Powdered birch tea

One of the plants of which every single element is used, starting from the roots up to the leaves, is birch, where we also find a diversification of the effects that are optimal for certain health problems of the organism.

Birch tea has a taste that many refer to as sweet and others as sour. These opinions do not depend exclusively on one's personal taste, but simply on which parts are used for the herbal tea, but also on the “age” of the herbs. In fact, if the leaves or flowers that have a year or so were used for the birch herbal tea, the flavor could be very delicate, particularly "bland", while for those that are very fresh a few weeks, then the flavor is stronger. The sweetness depends exclusively on the time of cultivation.

Birch tea can also be used as a "drink" for a snack or for a relaxing break, combining a moment of "break", perhaps from work or in any case from the stress of the day, with its excellent beneficial effects on the body and organism.

Powdered birch tea for sale

Where to buy birch tea for sale? In this period of confusion about where to find good quality products, not all consumers know where to turn and we can't blame them. As this is a completely natural product, it can be purchased directly on the internet or in physical stores.

Better to differentiate the quality of the birch herbal tea for sale in supermarkets from those found in herbalist shops or on websites specialized in herbal sales. The products in the supermarkets are commercial, it is useless to think that they are as good as the herbal ones. The differences between the birch herbal tea sold in supermarkets and the birch herbal tea sold in health food stores are immediately noticeable.

First of all, the flavor is much more delicate, the toning effects are lower and even the coloring can be "polluted" by any dyes and chemical additives.

Birch and its properties

Speaking of birch and its properties, we identify the "chemical" principles that are inside it. It is full of tannins, essential oils, flavonoids and vitamin C. Being present in large quantities, to take the same “dose, it would take a squeeze equal to 3 oranges.

In birch and its detoxifying properties are also well balanced according to the other elements that are there. This is why it is particularly useful and also recommended in diets.

The best features are those that concern the draining and detoxifying effects. A real "panacea" to eliminate cellulite and water retention, even on the legs. In a few weeks we can immediately notice a decrease in cellulite pads.

Birch and its health properties are also indicated for any urinary tract infections as it also has actions to treat these inflammations.

Birch herbal tea in herbal medicine online

The best purchase of birch herbal tea in an online herbalist's shop! Through the new existing e-commerce and also to the websites that are specialized in herbal sales, here it is recommended to buy the birch herbal tea online.

The main reasons are:

- Quality control

- Lower prices than in physical stores

- Examine the collection time

In a nutshell, when you go to view the birch herbal tea online, by law, all the items listed above must be indicated to allow users, who are interested in purchasing, to check the product in all its features. .

Prices are always lower than those we find directly in physical stores and, once you become customers, you can also have further discounts or promotions.


Other names: Betula Pendula / Alba

Properties: diuretic, lower cholesterol, fight obesity, cystitis, cellulite, gout.

Preparation of the herbal tea: a teaspoon in 200 ml of water, drink 2 cups a day.

External use: The decoction is invigorating and useful for oily and acne-prone skin affected by boils.

Content: 500 grams of birch leaves herbal tea cut.

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